10 Places You Can Fly to From Yorkshire Today

10 Places You Can Fly to From Yorkshire Today

If you live in Yorkshire, or the surrounding areas, and wish that you could fly, without having to use a different airport, then perhaps you didn’t know that you can probably fly to where you want to go without needing to travel hours to get to another airport.

Here are some of the destinations that might appeal to you for a weekend away, or a summer holiday that can be reached from a Yorkshire airport.

1. Bulgaria offers amazing value for money, and is fast becoming a popular destination for those people looking for summer sun, or winter snow for skiing and snowboarding. If you’re looking for a holiday home, then why not think about Bulgaria?

2. Cyprus is a fantastic destination, and really does offer something for everyone. Whether you want to explore the historic sites, and delve more into the history of this island, or want to take advantage of the weather and spend your holiday on the beach, or learning how to scuba dive, you’ll have a truly memorable time.

3. Greece is another favourite destination for many travellers. Again, there is plenty to do whether you want to learn more about this historic country, or want to lounge your days by the sea.

4. Italy is a must visit destination for those that love their food, fashion or football. With the fashion and football of Milan, and the many culinary delights, you won’t want to leave.

5. Amsterdam in the Netherlands is just a short plane ride away, and offers a fantastic range of things to do, from the museums and art galleries, to the night life that the city is famous for.

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6. Flights to Poland are popular as there are a lot of people from Poland who are working in the UK, and who want visit friends and relatives there. Poland has a lot to offer, and as it’s not very far away, perhaps you’ll think about having a weekend away in Poland

7. If you’re golfer, then you’ll definitely want to experience some of the golf courses that Portugal has to offer. With amazing food, great weather, and plenty for non golfers to enjoy, what’s stopping you from booking your holiday to Portugal?

8. Spain is a perennial favourite, and whether you’re going to Barcelona for a city break and to enjoy the architecture and shopping, or Ibiza for the nightlife and weather with your friends, you can’t go wrong with a flight to Spain.

9. Belfast isn’t far away, and offers plenty for both the tourist and business traveller. Why not explore the region, and see the amazing natural scenery for yourself, or spend time looking round the city, and take advantage of the shopping facilities?

10. Jersey just might be your perfect holiday destination. Being so close to France, it has the weather, and the influences, and yet is still obviously British. Whether you want to go for a relaxing break, an adventurous cycling holiday, or enjoy the wildlife, you’ll have a great time in Jersey.

Now you know the sort of places you can visit from your local airport, there’s no need to travel for hours to get to one of the inconvenient busier airports. Why not use the airport on your doorstep?

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