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The Bodybuilding Lifestyle

The Bodybuilding Lifestyle

#1 It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Many people today don’t really know what they want in life and become complacent. One of the greatest goals in life is having better health, better yet… a new and improved body. Having a new body can be very rewarding and take you places that you never dreamed of all in the name of “building muscle.” If you take the same determination and discipline to get that new body, there is no reason why you can’t do other things outside of the gym. It takes a special person to change their body and you have to want it. What other goals do you have in life? Just think that if you can accomplish your goal with having a new body, you can do anything.

#2 It helps you to get over some difficult times in your life.

This one is a big one. I can personally testify to this. I went through a very difficult time in my life with the loss of my brother. I thought my world was ending and a co-worker at my job is the one I give credit to for introducing me to the gym. I can’t tell you how many times guys end up working out due to a break-up or some other problem. Working out helps you with depression due to the release of different chemicals in the brain.

# 3 People will look to you for advice.

It’s a great feeling when people look to you for some advice, that means you must be doing something right. People will think that you’re the expert and it always feels good to give back. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back what you learned. If you are really dedicated to bodybuilding you could make a career out of it. Imagine that, doing what you love for work. Not to many people can say that they feel like they don’t work. You got to love what you do and when you do, you will be able to very easily teach others, write a book, do videos and so on. The possibilities are endless.

# 4 It might get you the girl or guy you desire.

Have you ever heard that a 10 will attract a 10? What I mean is that if you transform your body like a million bucks, you are going to attract someone who looks the same. Just like 5′s attract 5′s, 3′s attract 3′s and so on unless of course you own a million bucks, but that’s a different story. I will confess that this is true for me. I just got married to a real hottie!

# 5 Helps you deal with stress.

The world we live in today is so fast paced. We have to deal with the pressures at work, kids, debt, appointments, etc. There are so many things to deal with. Going to the gym can be a real stress reliever. Some people can not sleep due to stress, but working out can help with that. Get all your frustrations out at the gym not on the dog!

Speaking of STRESS!

How do you live the bodybuilding life style and juggle other life responsibilities? It’s all about priorities. One thing that I will say for sure is you have to put things in perspective in order of “importance.” For me it’s my relationship with God, Family, Work, and then Bodybuilding. Never neglect your family for the sake of getting a better body. It will all work out in the end if you put things in order. Your family will thank you for it.…

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Cycling Water Bottles – Excellent Tool For Company Promotion

Cycling Water Bottles – Excellent Tool For Company Promotion

Cycling water bottles are an excellent tool for company promotion. Because so many people own bicycles, it is possible to advertise to a broad audience without having to target only athletes. This allows you to promote your brand to quite a few different markets all at one time. However, before you make your purchase of bottles, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, you need to balance quantity and quality. Bulk pricing can help you lower the cost per individual bottle. However, as branding campaigns do not have immediate returns, you need to make certain that you invest only as much as you can afford to write off as a loss.

As purchasing cycling water bottles in bulk allows you to get the best price per unit, you will need to make certain that you have the appropriate storage space for your bottles before you make the purchase. In order to plan for how much space you will need, it is important that you plan for how many bottles you intend on giving away at your first event. It is easier to hand out bottles for free than it is to sell them, however. If you are intending on selling the bottles, anticipate on having to store more bottles for a longer period of time. By doing this, you will ensure that you have the right amount of storage space prepared for your left over bottles. Unfortunately, in order to take advantage of bulk pricing, you must order all of your bottles at the same time, which is why storage space will become necessary. If you are planning on attending a large event, you may be able to give away all of your bottles at one event.

The customisations on your cycling water bottles are one of the most important aspects of a branding campaign. Without customisations, your audience will not remember which company the bottle is associated with. When you provide high quality promotional items, they are typically kept for several years before being discarded or broken. Because of this, you want to make certain that your logo clearly shows the company name without being so prominent on the bottle that it does not look appealing. The more attractive that you can make your bottle look, the longer each bottle will remain in circulation. If you keep enough of your goods out in general circulation, your company’s brand will reach more people. This can create an influx of customers over time. In the case of some stores and suppliers, you may wish to include the location and phone number of your business directly onto the bottle. However, if you do this, make certain that this information is discreet and looks attractive on the bottle. While placing your number prominently on the bottle may cause some people to remember it in the near future, it is unlikely that many people will keep the bottle long term.

If you own a cycle shop that gives out bottles for use with the bicycles, you will wish to make your store name and ownership of the bottle extremely prominent. This will help identify the bottle as having come from your company. In addition to this, it can help discourage theft of the cycling water bottles.…

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A Family Cycling Adventure in Sicily

A Family Cycling Adventure in Sicily

Cycling is an Italian pastime and in Sicily, you and your family can experience some thrilling biking challenges and take in some picturesque views of the country.

The terrain, weather and welcoming cities and villages spread out across Italy offer cyclists of almost every skill level a diverse and satisfying array of challenges as well as memorable opportunities for relaxing and experiencing the Italian people and their culture.

The views of Italy: your cycling adventure in Sicily

Italy is famous for its cross-country cycling opportunities and thanks to treks offering, for example, roads with sweeping mountain views winding down exhilarating pathways past rich forests, sprawling wheat fields, and abundant vineyards, until finally making their way to the awe-inspiring views of the sparkling sapphire blue Tyrrhenian Sea, cycling has become a national Italian pastime over the past 60 years. Nowhere is this more true than in the southwest Italian island of Sicily.

Well, what kind of trip do you want?

The highly experienced and ambitious cycling family can chart their own course through the Sicilian countryside, or – for those who either would like to have a guide to add historical and cultural commentary or who might not feel as confident tackling this beautiful island solo – there are many tour guide companies that offer highly celebrated family cycling adventures of Sicily, with journeys ranging from 4 to 8 nights long.

Depending on which company you choose, you’ll gather in their starting city, where you’ll meet with your tour guide and get fitted for your bike. Most, if not every, meal and sleeping accommodation will be taken care of by the company and will be included in your package cost. After the initial meeting and trip rundown, you’ll start the adventure.

Get the maximum exposure of Italy on your family adventure in Sicily

Day after day on your trip, you’ll cover about 45km (27 miles) and explore either the mountainous, forested, or sun-soaked coastal regions of Sicily (sometimes all three in one day!), all the while stopping at cities such as Palermo, Monreale, Segesta, Noto, and Ragusa, where you will tour medieval castles, cathedrals, temples, buildings, and historical sites of Roman, Arabic, European, and Greek architecture and design.

You’ll stay at hotels and inns in little Italian villages that are well-appointed and beyond personal, and you’ll experience food and wines, the tastes of which you won’t soon forget. The island of Sicily is known for its undying hospitality, its warm, welcoming people, its amazing cuisine and its palette-pleasing wines, made from grapes grown in the island’s fertile volcanic ash. And you’ll experience it all with your family on your cycling adventure of Sicily!

Explore the mountains, coast, and beyond, during your trek

During your family cycling adventure in Sicily, you’ll have one, if not two, resting days where you and your family can either opt for an extra cycling excursion (ending up back in the same town), walk around the city you’re staying in, or travel to one of the amazing Mediterranean islands just off the coast of Sicily.

Cycling excursions in Sicily can range between $3000 and $4000. This may perhaps be a bit pricey, but it does include all your sleeping accommodations, the guide, and most every meal and wine tasting in which you’ll participate.

If biking your way through the classically stylish towns of Sicily – past the pastures, orchards, olive groves, and vineyards to breathtaking views of the mountains and the coast – sounds like your idea of a great holiday, then begin planning your family cycling adventure of Sicily today and start out on your journey to this amazing island!…

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Cycling Sprint Training

Cycling Sprint Training

This can be done with a cycling partner.

• Pick a flat road

• Bring the speed to just below your max speed

• Pick points like lamp posts where you will sprint past your friend

• up your speed and sprint past him

• Then your friend sprints past you

• Don not drop your speed between sprints

• Try to keep close on the wheel of the cyclist in front

• Repeat these steps

Another way to do sprint training intervals is to get a friend to with motorbike or scooter, get him to go at just below your maximum pace. Sit in behind him and at different points in the road sprint past him. This can be a more effective sprint training method and the guy on the motorbike does not tire!!

So now onto speed training as the term suggests this will help with our speed. As with the above cycling intervals they will also help you with your speed, but each interval is really focuses on a certain area, like power in your legs or speed or sprinting etc.

Speed Training

• Get a flat long road, a few miles preferable and quiet.

• Use a Cycling computer to measure distance

• Try to set out targets like lampposts etc.

• Try cycle above race pace

• Start with A� miles, take 1 minute slow recovery between each of the 4 sets

• Then do a A� mile 2 minute slow recovery between each of the 2 sets

• 1 mile, this is only 1 set 4 minute recovery

• A� mile 2 minute slow recovery between each 2 of the sets

• Finish with A� miles sets, slow 1 minute recovery between each set

If you find you have a lot left in the tank after these speed intervals then you are not pushing hard enough, check your heart rate and speed, you really should be spent after doing these sets. You can up them over time if you feel you can do more. But remember to cycling slowly between your sets, take your recovery period, try to get your breathing back, and when the set starts again go at it hard!!

Again a word of caution if you are not fully fit of you feel yourself tiring very quickly or your heart rate is too high stop and train a bit more and get your base fitness up before trying the speed intervals again.

These high intensity intervals are also great for triathlon training and burning fat. When doing the speed interval sets lactic acid should be really filing your legs as you feel the burn in your legs.

The last interval I will look at is Endurance Intervals. These are great for acting out race scenarios. Take your Sunday cycle or 40-50 miles or what ever you do, and do sets during the cycle, pick lampposts, hills signs, and race for them, do them as hard as you can and when done go back to your normal pace. You can throw these into your long cycle. As in a race situation speeds can be upped at certain times and to up your speed to keep in that pack, you also have to be able to maintain the pace after these bursts.

So that is it, Interval training is a must, if you want to improve you overall cycling. You can go on long 50+ miles cycles but doing this will not improve your speed and hill climbing ability as much as doing intervals. Another way to do these intervals if the weather is bad is to invest in a turbo training, these can be a great way of keeping up you bike fitness in the dark and cold winter months.…

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What Does a Good Cycling Program Include?

What Does a Good Cycling Program Include?

It is hard to be a good, healthy cyclist without cycling training. It is imperative that you are constantly aware of the needs of your mind and body. Staying physically fit is one of the most important factors in the cycling world.

Good nutrition plays a huge role in physical fitness. Each day should start off with a nutritious breakfast. That first meal fuels your body for the entire day. When you eat breakfast, you tend to eat less the rest of the day. Vitamins and minerals help replenish precious energy that cycling demands of you.

The right amount of sleep is a commodity that you cannot afford to do without. Most people need close to nine hours of sleep every night to maintain the highest level of alertness. REM sleep, which repairs and restores the mind for the next day, is gained in the seventh to eighth hour of sleep. If a person does not get REM sleep, it is impossible for them to be at their best.

A good cycling workout should become as much a part of your routine as cycling itself. It should start with warm ups and end with cooling down exercises. On the few occasions, and I mean few, that it is not possible for a full workout you should take a hot shower, do some stretches, and then some quick jumping jacks to get your blood flowing.

No one should take off on a cycling event without knowing the cycling laws of the highway. It should be no different than if you were driving a car. Check for the rules of any state you are going to be cycling in.

One of your first lines of defense when cycling is the helmet you wear. A cycling helmet should automatically be replaced if you have a crash. Even if you have not had a wreck, a helmet needs replaced periodically due to normal usage and wear. The frequency of replacement is determined by how often it is used, how well you take care of it, and its exposure to the elements. It is also wise to stay up to date on safety features. Manufacturers are constantly striving to improve safety. There are times when a new safety feature will make it worthwhile to update your helmet a little early.

A good cycling program includes training, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Your program should also include knowledge of the cycling laws and advances in equipment safety.…

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The Safety and Effectiveness of Cabbage Soup Diet

The Safety and Effectiveness of Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a diet with high fiber, very low fat and caloric content that is recommended to be used for seven straight days to attain a fast and effective weight loss.. According to the official website of the cabbage soup diet, this diet plan can be used only on special occasions to have a fast weight reduction and is not originally designed to long term adherence.

The Effectiveness of Cabbage Soup Diet

According to a study presented by The Pharmaceutical Journal released in July 2002, the cabbage soup diet is another fad diet that seems to be effective because of its recommended caloric intake of only 800 to 1000 kcal per day. This diet is mostly composed of a variety of vegetables added into an onion soup. This diet method also allows a very limited list of foods that can be eaten during the diet regimen such as fruit juice, fruits and other vegetables. It also allows occasional potato and beef intake. Because of the low energy intake, the body uses and converts the stored fats to into usable form of energy resulting into losing weight.

Safety of Cabbage Soup Diet

1. This type of diet can cause weight cycling. Although it is very effective, there are some questions regarding its safety in weight reduction. According to a study presented by The International Journal of Obesity, short term weight reduction regiment encourages the body to undergo weight cycling or yoyo phenomenon, the phenomenon used to describe weight-loss, weight-gain, then weight-loss-again cycle. This type of diet regimen causes some psychological stress that may trigger on and off binge eating and overeating.

2. Cabbage soup diet is most often salty. According to the official website, the cabbage soup is usually bland for most people. Because of this, people who try cooking the cabbage soup tend to add more salt to compensate for the lost taste commonly contributed by the added fat in the usual diet. And as a result, this cabbage soup diet becomes an unhealthy dish that gives additional load to the kidneys, which can be a detrimental event to patients with kidney problems.

3. It can also cause decrease iodine absorption by the body. This diet is really designed to be used for 7 days only. However, there are some people who find the Cabbage soup diet to be so effective that they decide to prolong the application of this fad diet in their diet regimen. This can be potentially dangerous since cabbage, the main vegetable in this diet can cause decrease in the absorption of iodine, a trace mineral used by the thyroid gland to produce the thyroid hormone, a hormone. This may lead to the development of goiter, a term used to describe the thyroid enlargement brought about decreased iodine in the diet.

Any diet that promotes lower caloric intake, such as the cabbage soup diet, can successfully result into weight reduction. However, the key problem with low caloric diet is the maintenance. Finding a better diet regimen is necessary to have a moderate weight loss reduction trend that can be maintained for a lifetime.…

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Cycling Hill Climbing

Cycling Hill Climbing

I recently did a local ride that took me into a lot of hills. There was one hill in particular that went on at a steep incline for over two miles. I passed two cyclists who had had to stop to get their breath back. It got me thinking about the best cycling climbing strategy. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to get used to cycling up hills is to spend a lot of time cycling up hills. There’s no magic secret to cycling climbing, it all comes down to fitness level and training.

Cycling up hills is hard, let’s be honest, and not many of us enjoy it. We prefer to have the bike whizzing along on the straight but cycling climbing is a part of cycling we need to master. And like anything else, the only way to master it is to practice it. Hill climbing is excellent cardio vascular training and will benefit the rest of your cycling by increasing your fitness level. Regular cycling up hills will increase your fitness level dramatically but you need to have worked on your fitness level before attempting arduous hill climbs. Once you have your base fitness at a good level you should incorporate some hill climbing into your training regime, not only to improve your fitness level but to get used to climbing hills.

Incorporate cycle hill climbing into your training by taking some time to devote just to hills. Seek out the hills and hit them hard. Look for a variety of hills, small, steep long etc. If you live in an area short on hills go up and down the same hill a few times. The great thing about hill climbing is you feel like you have had a good workout when you return and your lung capacity and overall strength will increase.

Hit the hill with determination and use your gears. If possible try to stay seated, if that’s not possible then get up onto the peddles and pump them hard. Try not to stop. Your effort should be steady rather than a sprint. Later, as your fitness improves, try sprinting up small hills and even up longer hills. Once your fitness level has adapted to the new strain you have subjected it to, sprinting up hills will become the norm. Include cycle hill climbing into your normal training regime and watch your fitness improve dramatically as a result.…