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How to Reduce Your Excessive Weight

How to Reduce Your Excessive Weight

A lot is being said about the necessity to reduce excessive body weight. With people becoming more and more responsive towards the health hazards being posed by extreme weight, it has become more than obvious to rigorously follow an effective weight loss program.

However, people remain generally confused about the kind of diet plan they should undergo in order to shed that extra weight. Customers in the market are also misinformed about a variety of effective weight loss programs. You got to loosen up the unwanted weight in a healthy manner so your metabolism and overall heath doesn’t get affected in any way.

Having more weight than your body requires is not the sign of a healthy individual. A healthy person is the one who have balanced weight in ratio to the height along with the healthy mind. The most effective weight loss technique is the one that rejuvenates your overall personality along with the facilitating the diminution of excessive body mass.

The best weight loss method is to embark on a comprehensive fitness regimen that incorporates the principles of appropriate and healthy food in addition to the application of chosen physical exercises, such as, cycling, jogging, brisk walking, and yoga. Doing household chorus is also considered as one of the most effective weight loss technique. But keep in mind to go slowly in such actions as human body takes its own time to respond to any outside influence. Try to include citrus fruits in your diet as these contain fat burning properties in them. Most importantly, take small portions of food at short intervals. This way your metabolic efficiency will also be improved. After you have dinner in the night, attempt to take a walk so that the food gets easily digested. This approach, besides putting a check on your weight will boost the immune system of the body.…

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Choosing the Right Road Bike

Choosing the Right Road Bike

While we all can’t be Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, we can enjoy riding through the great outdoors on a road bike. Road biking is fast growing sport that not only gets you outside, but gets you physically fit as well. Road bikes are designed for speed. They have light weight frames and thin high pressure tires for gliding over hard road services.

Most new cyclists will want to start with a quality bike that won’t break the bank. The primary driver of a road bike’s cost is the frame. Bicycle frames are made from various different materials. The materials drive the cost. Most high end road bikes are made from light weight but strong materials. Bikes on the lower end of the price range have frames made from either steel or aluminum. Aluminum is lighter but offers a harsher ride. Steel of course is stronger and heavier, but offers a smoother ride due to the extra weight.

Working our way a little further up the price scale, medium priced bikes offer frames with some components and parts made out of carbon. Many medium priced bikes have aluminum frames with carbon forks. Even further up the price line are bikes that have both frames and components made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a material that consists of thin fibers made primarily of carbon. Carbon fiber is a very strong and durable material that is very light.

The most elite (and expensive) bikes are made from Titanium. Often referred to as the “space age metal”, Titanium is very light weight and strong. Titanium also has the benefit of being corrosion resistant as well. Bikes made with Titanium are expensive and definitely intended for high end cyclists.

If you aren’t sure exactly which of the various frame options are right for you, take a test ride. Riding a bike made from the different materials is the best way to make the right choice for your road bike.

In in addition to the frames, the various components of the bike, including wheels, gears, and brakes can make a big difference as well. After all, who wants to be in the middle of their ride and having to fight with the shift mechanism.

The right bike for you will boil down to a combination of price, comfort, features and style. When buying your road bike, focus on getting the best frame you can buy. Components such as brakes, shifters, seats, etc can all be upgraded later, but the frame is the core of the bike.

Most importantly once you do purchase your bike, get out there and ride it!…

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Cycling – Fruit Nutrition Facts

Cycling – Fruit Nutrition Facts

Nutrition is always the key in developing a fit body. Aside from the three basic food groups which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vitamins and minerals also help the body to develop and improve. Therefore, getting to know your fruit nutrition facts will help you be the best that you can be.

Aside from vitamins and minerals, fruits also contain carbohydrates and water which help in replenishing water loss from sweating and rejuvenating energy, since bike riding is tiring. When riding a bike, there are a number of nutritional supplements that you can take to improve sight, coordination, alertness, and strength. These four components are the major factors for having a safe and enjoyable bike riding experience.

The major vitamins that a cyclist needs to take are vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, improves your sight. The disease of night blindness may occur when there is a constant decrease in vitamin A level in the body.

The second vitamin that a cyclist must take is vitamin B. Since it is made up of several components, it is aptly named as the vitamin B complex. It increases alertness, strength, and coordination. Because it is a key component in healthy brain growth and maintenance, it improves coordination and alertness.

Vitamin B also regulates cellular levels which, at the end of the day, maintain our energy levels.

Another vitamin that is very important is vitamin C. Also known as the ascorbic acid, it has been proven to help strength conditioning and body protection. Since vitamin C lowers the release of cortisol, this in turn defers the breakdown of muscle tissues during cycling exercise.

It is also known for its ability to increase the body’s immune system and response.

Lastly, there is Vitamin E, which is considered as the most used vitamin to have the greatest quality for strengthening the person’s body and to reduce recovery time that muscles need.

Fruit nutrition facts would show us a list of fruits that have considerable amount of the vitamins needed by cyclists and are enumerated below.

Vitamin A fruits (in % of RDA):

Sweet Potatoes – 19218 IU per 100g serving (384%).

Carrots – 16706 IU per 100g serving (334%).

Dried Apricots – 3604 IU per 100g serving (72%).

Cantaloupe – 33821 IU per 100g serving (68%).

Papaya – 10941 IU per 100g serving (22%).

Mangoes – 765 IU per 100g serving (15%).

Tomatoes – 833 IU per 100g serving (17%).

Peaches – 326 IU per 100g serving (7%).

Vitamin B fruits:

Vitamin B Complex fruits: (Since Vitamin B Complex has a wide range when it comes to fruit selections, I will enumerate fruits that have most of the Vitamin B components)

Avocado, Boysenberries, Breadfruit, Cherimoya, Dates, Grapes, Guava, Loganberries, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Banana, Mulberries, Passion Fruit, Prickly Pear, Nectarine, Peach, Black Currants, Gooseberries, Grapefruit, Raspberries, Starfruit, Blackberries, Papaya, Strawberries

Vitamin C fruits (in % of RDA):

Guavas – 228mg per 100g serving (381%)

Kiwi Fruits (Chinese Gooseberries) – 93mg per 100g serving (155%).

Papayas (aka: Lechoza, Mam?�o, Pawpaw) – 62mg per 100g serving (103%).

Oranges and Clementines (Tangerines) – 59mg per 100g serving (99%).

Strawberries – 59mg per 100g serving (98%).

Acerola (West Indian Cherry) – 1678mg per 100g serving (2796%).

Black Currants – 181mg per 100g serving (302%).

Pummelos – 61mg per 100g serving (102%).

Sun-Dried Tomatoes – 102mg per 100g serving (170%).

Cantaloupe – 37mg per 100g serving (61%).

Tomatoes – 23mg per 100g serving (39%).

Vitamin E fruits (in % of RDA):

Sunflower Seeds – 36.6mg per 100g serving (121%).

Dried Apricots – 4.33mg per 100g serving (14%).

Pickled Green Olives – 3.81mg per 100g serving (13%).

The list of fruits will go on and on but one thing is for certain:

Knowing your fruit nutrition facts is helpful for obtaining a healthy body and a great bicycle riding experience.…

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Lower Body Exercises For Beginning Bodybuilders

Lower Body Exercises For Beginning Bodybuilders

The lower body contains some of your biggest muscles which are capable of bearing significant weights. The temptation for beginners to go for broke by performing heavy squats should be resisted. To begin with you should concentrate on building the muscles safely by using machines that isolate muscle groups. The squat is an excellent compound exercise that trains numerous lower body muscles but it is one you should learn properly after spending three months strengthening the individual muscles that will be utilized later. The muscles of the lower body can be divided into five groups:

1. Quads – this is the big muscle group consisting of four muscles at the front of the thigh. These are the primary muscles used when performing exercises such as squats, leg press, lunge and leg extension.

2. Hamstrings – these are the main muscles at the back of the thigh. These are the primary muscles used when performing leg curls.

3. Gluteals – these are the muscles that make up the buttocks.

4. Hip flexors – these are the small muscles at the front of the pelvis that allow you to raise your legs to the front.

5. Calves – these are the two muscles found in the lower leg.

For beginners these muscles should be exercised as follows:

1. Leg press – 1 set of 10-15 reps. This is a useful exercise for the quads but it also works the hamstrings and glutes to a lesser degree.

2. Leg extension – 3 sets of 10-15 reps. This is a useful exercise for adding definition to the quads.

3. Hamstring curl – 3 sets of 10-15 reps. This exercise isolates the hamstrings.

4. Standing calf raise – 3 sets of 10-15 reps. This exercise works the gastrocnemius muscle.

5. Seated calf raise – 3 sets of 10-15 reps. This exercise works the soleus muscle underneath the gastrocnemius muscle.

As with all exercises you need to take care in scheduling specific body parts. To begin with you should incorporate your lower body exercises into a program similar to the one suggested below:

Day 1: Biceps, Back, Abs

Day 2: Hamstrings, Shoulders, Abs

Day 3: Quads, Forearms, Calves

Day 4: Triceps, Chest, Abs

For the first couple of weeks complete one set but then add one set each week to a maximum of three. At the end of three months you will be ready to move on to more intensive intermediate level exercises.…

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A Boy and His Bike

A Boy and His Bike

Donny Addison got his first big bike when he was ten, a light blue and white CCM racer with hand brakes, narrow racing tires, curved handle bars, a skinny leather seat and a single speed axle. A surprise birthday gift from his dad–it was love at first sight, Donny and his bike became inseparable.

In the fifties a racer like this could really get attention, the only thing missing was the coveted three speed rear axle which at the time was unaffordable to Donny’s truck driver father.?� The three-speed would be added later.

Donny added accessories as money permitted, new handgrips with streamers, racing straps on the pedals, a headlight powered by a generator activated by the front tire, a small seat bag holding a patch kit, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, wheel wrench and stuff.

The three-speed axle was added after an unfortunate circumstance. The one accessory unavailable to Donny at the time was a bike lock. Donny left his bike unattended while exploring an old abandoned church with one of his buds. When they came back out the bike was gone, heartbroken Donny walked home in tears to tell his parents.

A week or so later the police informed Donny’s dad that the bike had been found, overjoyed Donny and dad identified the remains in the cops holding area–everything was gone except the frame and handlebars.

They rebuilt Donny’s bike and this time it sported the fancy three-speed axle. Donny traveled far and wide on his bike–he rode it to school, to Scouts, to the grocery store. After a move to a new home he would even ride several miles to his old neighborhood to visit his buddies.

The bike opened a whole new world of exploration for Donny–new neighborhoods, the far away zoo, downtown, the river, the countryside–Donny became an avid explorer. Much to his father’s displeasure Donny loved to get up to speed, brake the rear wheel and do a donut–the rear tire turning to smoke and often blowing out blocks from home.?� After still another lecture from Dad about how expensive tires were, it was off to the bike shop for a new tire.

The memory of the lecture would soon wear off and the new tire subjected to the same punishment as the previous one.

Donny courted his first girlfriend on his bike and the two of them would ride around for hours exploring, racing and just having fun.

When Donny reached his teens his attention turned more and more towards girls and cars. At fifteen Donny hooked up with some older guys that were into drinking and partying. They showed Donny the way into a new lifestyle where riding bikes was not cool unless it was a motorcycle.

Donny’s bike was abandoned to the garage and eventually sold for beer and cigarette money.

Donny passed his driver’s test at sixteen and dad’s car replaced the bike. His passion for fast cars and good times grew stronger. He dropped out of school, got a job and bought his dad’s car on time payments–his first motorized wheels.

The boy’s passion for anything with wheels grew into Porsches, Ferrari’s and hand built hot rods. Donny still likes bikes, but his choice for going fast on two wheels is satisfied by a customized, light blue and white Harley Davidson Fatboy.…

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The Holy Trinity of Bodybuilding – Miss Any Part at Your Peril

The Holy Trinity of Bodybuilding – Miss Any Part at Your Peril

The Holy Trinity Of bodybuilding must be utilized or you will still be at the back of the queue when it comes to having your perfect bodybuilding physique.

In the Holy Trinity of bodybuilding you have training, supplements and, the one that many body builders do not pay enough attention to nutrition.

Now let me be clear with regard to supplements. If you are bodybuilding I do not advocate you just grabbing a load of supplements and just trying them all. Make sure you research things fully AND talk to other bodybuilders you know first. I have heard good reports on Nitric Oxide (NO) for example and protein supplements may be advantageous but with regard to protein your meals should give you all the protein you need if you eat right.

Every meal you have as a bodybuilder trying to build muscle should have carbohydrates, protein and fat in the correct ratios: 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20% good fats.

You should aim to eat around 7-8 meals/snacks a day. Breakfast, Mid Morning Snack, Lunch, Preworkout, Postworkout, Dinner, and a Bedtime Snack. Plus eat something as soon as you wake up, you should have your breakfast after this.

If you are resting from your bodybuilding, and for your last meal of the day you should make this low carb by the way.

If you do not pay attention to this part of your bodybuilding (your meals), this important part of your bodybuilding, then you are really losing out on your potential bodybuilding possibilities.

Hm, maybe you think you just do not have the time to eat properly, well you just have to make the time for the benefits you will gain. It will be well worth any small amount of extra effort you have to put in to eat properly.…

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Positive Side Effects of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Positive Side Effects of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric Oxide, recently featured and recommended on TV and in the mainstream media, is a natural chemical compound which has been found to increase blood flow and improve muscular fullness through vasodilation and oxygen delivery. It may even promote special protection of the heart, says Dr. Louis Ignarro, 1998 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine.

As a vasodilator, N.O. helps move oxygen into your muscles when they need it most, sparking powerful muscle growth, strength gains and ripped pumps. Nitric oxide supplementation may naturally enhance sexual performance, as increased oxygen flow occurs all over the body as a result of vasodilation. Finally, good levels of N.O. have been found to promote immune response and wound healing.

In other words, even the low doses of N.O. that your body naturally produces have great impacts on your overall health, from muscular growth to healthy blood flow.

Benefits of N.O.

Drastic Muscle Gains

Increased Blood Flow and Oxygen Delivery to Muscles

Transform Your Body

Boost Your Strength, Endurance and Power

Improve Your Overall Health

Nitric oxide supplements are without a doubt the most powerful solution in sparking natural muscle growth, powerful strength gains and incredible, ripped muscles.

What’s the catch? The problem is that although nitric oxide is naturally occurring in your body, you don’t make quite enough of it. As a result, scientists have developed special blends of amino acids that cause increased levels of N.O. in the body. A few companies are starting to offer free trials of their products.

It is a natural compound that helps us build strength, gain muscle, protect our immune systems and promote effective cardiovascular function. It gives the ultimate boost to our overall health. Why would you not want to take a nitric oxide booster?

Luckily, N.O. boosters are finally made in 100% pure nutritional supplements ready today on the market.

Best of all, you can try nitric oxide supplement for free!…