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Getting Ahead in the Cycling Game For Women Triathletes

Getting Ahead in the Cycling Game For Women Triathletes

Power training cycling is considered by many pros to be one of the best methods to help you become a good strong cyclist in your triathlon races. Using a power meter is also highly recommended when you are doing this sort of training, more so than a heart rate monitor, because there are many factors that affect heart rate that make it very difficult for the rider to keep a steady momentum when doing routines like time trials for instance, using only a heart rate monitor.

Your heart rate is not the only thing that can be affected by several different factors, making it unreliable to keep a steady momentum, the exertion you think that you are putting in is something else that is also easily effected by outside things like your mental state at that particular time. Something as simple as getting a new shirt or bike can make a huge difference to the effort you put in, because your mood is usually in a more positive or heightened state. On the flip side of this equation of course is that you may have had a bad day, or some bad news that could affect your efforts in a negative way.

If you use power training cycling the correct way, many of these uncertain factors are removed, if you are hill climbing for instance, your heart rate will go up and down during the climb, but using a power meter means you can see the power output on the flat, and then when you start the climb you can go to a different gear and change your cadence, this keeps your power output steady.

The way to track your progress when training this way is to find the amount of power you can produce in one hour, known as your FTP (Functional Threshold Power), and then re-asses this value at different intervals, and see how much you have improved.

If you are training correctly you will see steady progress, which will in turn motivate you to try even harder, the other cyclists not using this method will not have this advantage, and you will start to gain or overtake riders you once struggled to keep up with.

To help you start, here is the basic routine:

Doing this on the road may be tough because of the constant stops for traffic and lights, but you can do it if you have an open road or circuit that is free from traffic, so for most of us it has to be done on the turbo trainer indoors.

Once you have decided where you are going to ride, you should as always do a good 15 to 20 minute warm-up, once you are ready then ride as hard as you can for exactly one hour with your power meter.

Once you have finished, your power meter will display your average power output, this is your FTP, take this and start improving on it over time doing this test periodically on the same road or equipment, this method should help you see improvements in your riding as it has for many others – Good luck!…

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Cycling Glasses – Effective Eye Protection

Cycling Glasses – Effective Eye Protection

The main reason why cycling glasses were even invented was to improve the comfort that cyclists experience every time they ride their bikes. Of course, as they usually run against the wind, their eyes can end up getting harmed because of the natural minute debris floating in the air or dry up. Either way, cyclists, in a worst case scenario, can end up in a hospital bed. To avoid such occurrence, it is best that cyclists wear cycling glasses during their highly entertaining and muscle-building trips.

The glasses serve as the necessary protection for the eyes against the grit and the wind that they usually come across. Aside from that, the glasses also maintain the adequate moisture that the eyes have so that cyclists do not end up blind. Another thing that cycling glasses protect the eyes from are the deadly and cancerous UV radiation that normally comes from the sun.

Nowadays, makers of cycling glasses have also come up with tools or kits that can also give cyclists some glasses that are truly their preference. For instance, they made removable lenses of different colors so that cyclists can easily choose which particular color they would like to work with for a particular day.

The glasses, before being widely sold in the market, should pass the EU standards. This set of standards has been purposely created to make sure that outdoors sports are safe even for the best experts in that certain kind of sport.

Just like in cycling, if they allowed cyclists to join cycling competitions without implementing certain rules and regulations, then some unwanted and highly unexpected eye-related accidents occur, they can actually be sued for it.

Aside from the protection from the deadly direct radiation from the sun, cycling glasses also protect cyclists from falling in pot holes, especially when they ride their bikes at night. They have to make sure that the path they set for their cycling trips is free from any risky road conditions, such as manholes or huge rocks. If they wear cycling glasses, they can easily see which is located where so that they can easily avoid such obstacles.

There are also certain frame styles that suit cyclists best. The wrapped around frame style is the one highly recommended for cyclists so that the eyes are protected from the wind from all angles.

Although it is an advantage for cyclists who wear wrapped around frames for their glasses, they still have to make sure that their eyes get the ventilation they need, by making sure that the pair they purchase have some air holes at the top portion of the frame.…

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Choosing Your Family Cycling Trip Through Lithuania

Choosing Your Family Cycling Trip Through Lithuania

With several opportunities for easy-going cycling, taking in parks, and lounging on the beach, the Seaside Cycle Route on Lithuania’s coast is a great family option.

Lithuania’s Seaside Cycle Route provides 3 different options for family cycling trips in Lithuania. These 3 seaside trails all extend from the town of Klaipeda, the third largest city in the country, and branch off to either the town of Nida, Butinge or Rusne Island.

With 200 km (125 miles) total of biking routes and 3 large bodies of water – the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon, and the Nemunas River – this journey includes spectacular views of forests, sand dunes, and the sea, and will have you experiencing UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, and some amazing beach culture.

Your cycling trip in Lithuania surrounded by water on the Curonian Spit

The trek to Nida starts with a brief ferry ride from the middle of Klaipeda out to the start of the Curonian Spit. Your journey takes you cycling across the entire 52 km length of the island. Curonian Spit National Park occupies the entire Spit and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll take in the beauty of the area’s sand dunes, which open up to the sweeping vistas of the Baltic Sea on one side and the Curonian Lagoon on the other.

Stop through the quaint fishing towns of Preila, Perualka, Juodkrante, and Nida, and perhaps visit some of the amazing sculptures, monuments, and wide open beaches along the way. One of the most popular stops is at the Hill of Witches, a series of sculptures portraying characters from both pagan traditions and Lithuanian folklore.

See the beaches going north to Butinge

The second option on your family cycling trip in Lithuania is to head up the coast to the Latvian border. The trip to the city of Butinge, which borders Latvia, is the shortest of the 3 cycle routes at 49 km. This journey is steeped in history and relaxation. You’ll start off by cycling through Seaside Regional Park in the former Soviet military site that today comprises the towns of Giruliai and Nemiresta. Along this journey you’ll see sculptures, beautifully designed bridges extending over rivers and ponds, and experience a couple of great sea museums.

The highlight of the Klaipeda to Butinge route is perhaps the city of Palanga, which you’ll reach about halfway through your journey. Palanga is the most popular summer resort in Lithuania and during the holiday months you can find beaches packed with easy-going families and other vacationers lounging on the shores, playing games, and taking in the sun. The trampolines that line the beach in certain areas her may surprise you, as you don’t see this on most beaches, hop on and bounce away!

Take in the lowland down to Rusn?�A� Island

Of the 3 routes on your family cycling trip in Lithuania, the longest in the Seaside Cycle Route is the journey to Rusne Island (115 km). This route has you and your family biking down mainly major roads and comes to a head at Nemunas Delta Regional Park, famous as the largest gathering place of water birds throughout the entire Baltic Sea region.

The whole of Rusne Island is contained by polders, which makes for a rather interesting sight, one that is unlike any other in the country. Because the area is in such an extreme lowland, years ago the residents were forced to build the polders to keep their island from constantly flooding.

Finding your route and setting off on a family cycling trip through Lithuania

This is really a great trip to discover the natural and cultural beauty of Lithuania from the seat of your bicycle. Try one of the 3 Seaside Cycle Routes or make a complete trip and attempt all 3!…

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Good Biking Exercises Part 1

Good Biking Exercises Part 1

Take a look and try doing the following biking exercises. They sure will make you more powerful and help you endure long cycling rides in your best cycling jerseys.

The boat pose is a good exercise for your lower back and transverse abdominus. Doing this exercise will help you endure long hours on the handlebars while pedaling your way in your best cycling jerseys. You can overcome steep hills with both power and speed. To do this exercise, sit and rest both your hands lightly behind you. Then, lean back at an angle of 45 degrees. Be sure to keep your legs together then lift them to the floor. While doing this, slowly extend your arms up to the height of your shoulders. Bend your knees a little whenever your hamstrings are already tight. Hold your position every sixty seconds.

Another great routine for your transverse abdominus is the plank exercise. Moreover, it also helps develop your lower and upper back. This exercise will help you build muscular endurance and strength. Having both will help you ride with power in drops and help you survive aerodynamic positions to keep you on the lead on your suitable cycling jerseys. To do this exercise, you must lie on your stomach. Then, place your elbows under your shoulders with your hands and forearms on the floor. Carefully lift your hips on the floor while keeping your abs tight and your back straight. Rest on your toes and maintain position for 60 seconds.

To develop your entire core, do the catapult exercise. Doing this exercise will gain you bodily control in traversing difficult trails with your cycling jerseys. It is very useful whenever you cycle in dirt and rocky paths. Start your exercise in sitting with slight bended knees. Then, press you heels against the floor and extend your arms to the front, palms facing each other up to your shoulders. Inhale deeply while gazing upward with a straight spine and exhale deeply in five counts as you lower your torso to the floor.

Finally, the hip extension is designed to build your buttocks, lower back and hamstrings. This will help you gain higher efficiency on the second half of pedaling with your best cycling jerseys. Position yourself to lie with your stomach and hips forming a stability ball. Then put your hands on the floor and extend your legs in a way that your toes rest on the floor. Maintain a straight spine and shoulder blades while lifting your legs off the floor. Hold your legs on the air for two seconds and try doing 20 or more repetitions.…

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Fulfilling Your Dreams

Fulfilling Your Dreams

I just retired after eighteen years in the forces and I had the opportunity to do something that I have always had as a dream. Lots of other men in my position get jobs as truck drivers or in security firms, but I didn’t want to do that, I wanted something more active and more entrepreneurial. I wanted to open up my own gym.

I was quite involved in the army’s body building and iron man competitions and I knew that this was my passion. I used my pay off and part of my pension to buy an old industrial unit and set about painting it and getting it ready. I even built a sauna and an ice bath.

After three months of hard work the unit was beginning to look like a gym – all the equipment was in, the painting was done, the changing rooms and showers were installed but I hadn’t thought much beyond that infrastructure. I hadn’t thought about a drinks machine or a fridge, I hadn’t thought about the point of sale items such as body building supplements.

In the forces I had dabbled with sports supplements, but I never stuck to one brand and I’d often go for months without taking any muscle supplements at all. But with the training I was doing I could afford to. Also the army diet was very heavy on protein anyway. But I realised that if I was opening a gym I needed to sell body building supplements.

I opened the gym and during the first month I talked to all the serious body builders to find out what bodybuilding supplements they use. I had done a lot of research and had product samples sent over to the gym.

I now sell a wide range of body building supplements, including Met-rx and Sci-Mentor. My customers love it – especially the Met-rx Big Bars 100 – they are just like a big, manly chocolate bar packed with nutrients. Selling big branded supplements has made the gym look more professional and I am happy to endorse any product that promotes the body’s well being.


In the army I didn’t need to use too many body building supplements, but now that I am taking this a little more seriously I do. I figured that if I find products that I want to use, other people will want to use them too, that’s why I sell body building supplements from my gym.…

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Men Cycling Shoes – 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Pair

Men Cycling Shoes – 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Pair

Cycling is a great activity, it keeps you fit, it can save you gas money, it is environmentally friendly and its super duper fun. Buying men cycling shoes isn’t for everyone and many can get by with just a pair of comfortable running shoes.A�

That being said if you are a cyclist looking to take your performance to the next level then getting specialized shoes is something you should definitely consider. Performance shoes will provide you with a better work out and better bike handling. This article equips you with the basic knowledge you need to know in order to buy the right shoes.

1. What’s so great about cycling shoes?

A specialized shoe will improve your efficiency because they clip onto performance cycling pedals allowing you to pull them up as well as push down. They are not a necessity for the casual cyclist who cycles less than 5 miles, or less than three times a week, but for the performance driven cyclist they are essential.

2. Price range of cycling shoes:

These performance shoes can cost anywhere from $50 – $500 depending on brand and quality but most cyclists can get away with paying $50 to $150 for their shoes.

3. Women’s cycling shoes vs men’s cycling Shoes

Men’s shoes are not just bigger than women shoes, women’s feet tend to have higher arches, narrower heels, and smaller first toes. These differences in anatomy are crucial so making sure you purchase a shoe designed to fit your gender’s anatomy.

4. Two main types of cycling shoes?

Mountain cycling shoes: these shoes have recessed cleats and a flexible sole, thus making them easier to walk in than road cycling shoes. They are a better fit for the casual rider, the commute rider and the mountain biker where you may need to get off your bike to walk or carry your bike over an obstacle.

Road cycling shoes: the cleats on these type of shoes are not recessed they are instead attached to the out-sole of the shoe, they are also much stiffer than mountain shoes making them harder to walk in. These road shoes are for cyclists who strive for performance.

5. Clip-less pedal system (shoes built for high performance cycling)

Clip-less pedals are cycling pedals that have a cleat that screws into the sole of your cycling shoe. The cleats are always supplied with the pedal not with the shoe this is because they must be completely compatible with the pedal so that they can be engaged and disengaged safely. It is essential that your pedals, cleats, and shoes fit together to work as a system.

6. The two types of clip-less pedals functionalities

The 2-hole system (also known as the SPD system):This system has a smaller cleat size which allows for a solid connection to the pedal.A� In this system the cleats are recessed into the shoe’s sole which makes it more comfortable to walk around in.

The 3-hole system (also known as the look-style system): This system is the best system there is in terms of stiffness, stability and energy transfer when it comes to cycling. The con to the 3-hole system’s shoes is that it makes it difficult to walk comfortably and normally.

7. Last but not least, the most important component in finding the right shoes is its fit and its comfort, if you are not comfortable your efficiency will suffer. So try on different pairs to find out which is your best fit.…

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The UK Is Cycling Its Way to Better Health

The UK Is Cycling Its Way to Better Health

Cycling is great for your health – and now it seems it’s fabulous for the economy, too. According to a report by the London School of Economics, cycling boosts the annual UK economy to the tune of A�3billion.

The figure is based on a range of factors including the manufacturing of bikes, the sale of all things bicycle related – helmets, jackets, pumps etc – and those employed in the booming cycling market. In 2010 alone, 28 per cent more bikes were sold than the year before, adding 3.7 million new bikes to our roads and byways.

The report also reveals that more than a million people took up cycling last year, bringing the total number of cyclists in Britain to 13 million.

What is behind this sudden new-found interest in cycling?

The report points to an number of factors for the surge in cycling. First is an increase in petrol prices. It’s also thought that better cycling routes are contributing to greater numbers of cyclists.

Campaigns about cycling for better health and a growing number of novice-style cycling sportive events have also led to a growth in the number of female cyclists.

Cycling is great for your health

There is no doubting that cycling is a fantastic form of cardiovascular fitness. The average person cycling at a moderate speed will burn more than 400 calories an hour.

Cycling is also an excellent muscle toner, especially if you’re looking for more shapely legs and bum.

Added to this, cycling is good for the health and productivity of workplaces. A predicted 20% increase in cycling levels by 2015 could save millions of pounds in reduced congestion, pollution levels and NHS costs.

The London School of Economics study reports that regular cyclists take 1.3 less sick days per year, saving A�128m through reduced absenteeism.

Perhaps it’s time for you to get on your bike

If you haven’t been on a bike for years you should consider finding a traffic-free location, such as a park. Look for somewhere flat and give yourself plenty of space for pedalling.

Courses, such as those run by Cycling Scotland, can assist adult sin gaining confidence for returning to two-wheeled transport.

You will want to build up slowly so that your muscles get used to cycling. Try cycling a few miles to begin with and then add more miles each time you head out.

In gym cycle classes and cycling on stationary bikes are good for added fitness and for when the weather isn’t so kind.

It’s also possible to buy a turbo trainer so as to turn your ordinary bike into a stationary, in-house fitness gadget.

If you own a stationary bike or a turbo trainer try following an on-line video cycling session in the comfort of your own home.

And, as many people find, once you start cycling you’ll become hooked on the sport. I predict that even more people will get on their bikes as the Olympics draws ever closer.…