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Rear Bike Lights for Use in Bad Weather

Rear Bike Lights for Use in Bad Weather

Rear Bike Lights; Protecting Yourself

As we all know, the weather can be unpredictable in the UK, so it is important that all cyclists are fully equipped with front and rear bike lights and suitable cycle clothing. Whether it’s raining, snowing, dark or foggy, powerful lights allow the cyclist in question to be visible whilst at the same time improving their vision. There are all sorts of rear bike lights out there that will help to protect you no matter what the weather. Before you set off, check the weather currently and be sure to check it further into the day if you are planning a longer ride. If you know that it’s going to be wet or rain is expected, pack some waterproofs if you’re not already wearing them. Overshoes are great in wet weather too. Waterproof clothing will ensure you stay dry and alongside base layers, warm. If it’s a cold day, wrap up warm and wear gloves to protect your fingers. With the right clothing and a good set of front and rear bike lights, you can enjoy a smooth ride, knowing that you are fully protected from the harsh weather.

Enjoying It

One of the best ways to enjoy cycling is with family and friends or by joining a cycling club. Look in your local area for clubs and don’t be worried about ability as there is bound to be beginner groups. Many people take to the trails at night for some off road riding as it can be extremely fun and exhilarating traversing through varied terrain in the dark. Staying together is important and with the use of front and rear bike lights, you’ll be able to spot each other easily. Whilst a fun sport, it can be dangerous if you aren’t visible and it is likely that you will need to ride on the road at some point, meaning you will meet cars and pedestrians. In these circumstances lights are essential to be seen. As long as you adhere to the rules of the road, light up and wear suitable clothing, you can enjoy your hobby at all times of the year.

Rear Bike Lights Make a Difference

A bright set of front and rear bike lights in wet or snowy weather will make all the difference between a safe journey and one that is uncomfortable and risky. Even if you feel it is too light still to put on your lights, but you don’t feel safe without them, switch them on. There’s no harm in doing so and others will thank you when they see you clearly from a distance.…

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying An Adult Tricycle

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying An Adult Tricycle

So you are very excited when you plan to buy an adult tricycle. You found that perfect model and whisper to yourself, “Yes, this is the one!” However, as the fresher, you may commit some of these common mistakes unconsciously. Read these few scenarios before you click the “Buy It Now!” button.

Single or Multi Gearing

For most of the riders, a single speed tricycle should be more than enough to take them from point A to point B around neighborhood area. However, if your residential area does have quite a numbers of inclines, then you might want to consider get a multiple speeds model.

Single or Multi Brake

Some riders are comfortable with single brake system, but some do not feel safe with this. This is pretty much subject to personal preference. So you might want to counter check the tricycle specification before you decide to buy one.

Suitable size

Review the tricycle’s size (height, width & length) whether it is suitable for your body frame.


Most of the tricycles come in partial assembled condition. You would need to assemble certain parts yourself. Different people possess different level of mechanical skill and knowledge. If you are not handy with tools, take it to a bike shop and pay for having it put together.

Folding Feature

Folding feature for an adult tricycle may be slightly different if compare to normal two wheeled bicycle. A folded trike will save your storage space in the garage or car. But it won’t be as convenience as two wheeled folding bike where you could simply carry it with your hand anywhere.

The above are a few suggestions which we strongly encourage readers to review them thoroughly before making their purchase. Remember, being smart in tricycle selection will help you cover for the possible risks and help you enjoy all the benefits as well.

Enjoy your shopping!…

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Different Brands of Cycling Caps

Different Brands of Cycling Caps

Back then when helmets were not yet popularly used by cyclists, their means of protecting their heads were cycling caps. It kept the sun’s rays from directly hitting the skin on their faces or their scalps. It also kept insects and flying debris from their eyes whenever they are cycling. And, most of all, the cycling caps served as their shield from the falling rain.

When the helmets started to gain popularity, cycling caps slowly became less common and soon were not being widely used at all. Although it is true that others feel much more comfortable when they are wearing a cycling headwear under their helmets.

Cyclists today use cycling caps to prevent their own sweat from dripping into their eyes. Moreover, regular people also make use of cycling caps as they stroll in malls or go out at night. Indeed, this particular piece of cycling clothing is now also being widely used as a fashion statement.

One of the most famous brands that provide the world with high quality cycling headwear is Walz. It is a family owned company and has a hundred percent handmade line of cycling clothing. This way, users and customers can assure themselves that the product they are using will certainly meet their standards. Walz caps are made with highly durable fabrics that are very comfortable and functional.

Campagnolo is another brand of this particular clothing for cycling that a lot of people tend to equate with quality. In fact, if they are looking for a cap that has high quality, then they all they have to do is go to their nearest Campagnolo dealer, as it showcases every clothing need of a cyclist, starting from the socks right up to the cap.

The caps made by the brand Giordana are known for their great snug fit. Although they are primarily snug, this does not immediately mean that they are uncomfortable. In fact, they prioritize their clients’ comfort, which is further reflected in their use of only the finest materials. Aside from the comfort, stylish cyclists also prefer purchasing from Giordana because the patterns or the designs are very fashion-forward.

This is just a few of the brands that are presently coming up with their own rendition of a cycling headwear. There are more brands out there that cyclists today can easily choose from. They just have to choose which particular brand or design suits their style and personality best.…

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The Benefits of Riding a Bike to Your Place of Work

The Benefits of Riding a Bike to Your Place of Work

We definitely love our vehicles. We tend to use them in many different ways and on numerous occasions such as travelling to the shopping mall, heading to a holiday destination and collecting provisions or food in the supermarket. How many of these car trips are really essential? And of these trips, is it feasible to use alternate options to get to our desired location? Well I say yes!

Economic Reasons For Riding Your Bike

Currently where economic downturn is at its peak, many people are trying to find ways to make a cut back. If one is 10 miles away from his office, then cycling might be an excellent alternative for those who are physically healthy enough to go to work this way. Just consider how much a daily commute can amount to if you go to the office by car: you have to pay for your gasoline, car repair costs and perhaps have to pay out to park if you work in the city. Cycling on the other hand is absolutely free of charge! The only thing you need to have is a bicycle, correct cycling clothing and a few other accessories. Any supplementary pricey accessories may be purchased easily from the cost savings you get from not using your car.

Environmental Reasons For Cycling

Generally scientists today agree that the Earth is suffering from global warming and that we have to do something to curb our contribution to climate change. Carbon emissions are considered one of the main protagonists in the deterioration of the ozone layer… and globally auto vehicles emit carbon on a huge scale. Cutting down the use of cars through cycling is one way we can help to save our environment.

And if you remain unconvinced with the issue of global warming, you might want to realize that you are burning the Earth’s supply of gas and oil (fossilized fuels) at an unsustainable rate. There are many campaigns about the use of alternative energy to scale back our excessive dependence on fossilized fuels. We should not forget that we possess our own Integrated Personal Energy Source called “The Body”.

Health Reasons For Cycling

Whilst we are on the subject of the human body, riding a bike provides a tremendous fitness benefit. When you cycle a minimum of 3 times a week to the point where your heart and breathing rate increase for half an hour or more, you are meeting the suggested minimum exercise level that healthcare professionals advise of all of us. Riding a bike is a good type of exercise that you can have when you are making bike riding your primary means of transport whenever you go to the office.

Cycling or biking is a low-impact type of exercise which is good for toning the muscle groups, losing weight, reducing blood pressure, alleviating stress, improving cardiovascular fitness and contributing to a general sense of health.

So, there you have the essential benefits one can get from cycling. And before I forget, if the reasons above are not sufficient, cycling can be enjoyable! Take our advice and use a cycle to make the world a better place and also make you a fitter individual.…

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Getting Started With Whey Protein

Getting Started With Whey Protein

The high protein count and the essential amino acids contained within whey protein make it an especially effective supplement for a bodybuilding workout routine. But how should you start out when you begin to take whey protein? Here are a few tips.

Start Small

Whey protein comes in a variety of flavours which can help to liven it up and make it tastier. However, before you buy a huge amount to last you months, why not try out a few different flavours and decide which one you like best? That way if you don’t like it, or if you find that it has any side effects and you don’t want to continue with it, you won’t have wasted your money.

Take It After Exercising

When you first start to take whey protein, the way to get the most from it is to drink a mixture after you’ve finished exercising. This is when the muscles repair themselves, and the whey protein provides the muscles with the nutrition they need to make the necessary repairs and grow stronger. Another good time to take a shake is before you go to sleep as it will provide the body with the nutrition it needs to heal itself overnight.

Mix Things Up

Why not get a bit creative with your protein shakes and create a few of your own inventions? There are more ways to take whey protein than just as a drink. Instead, mix things up a bit by creating your own shake using fruit and other healthy ingredients. There are lots of combinations that you can create, so see what you can come up with and make your whey protein diet more interesting.

Keep Working Out

If you don’t keep up a regular exercise routine then the whey protein that you are drinking can produce weight gain in all the wrong places. If you have a solid routine and you stick to a protein diet, the results can be amazing. But consistency of protein intake and exercise is the key if you want to see the changes that you’re after.


Start Seeing the Effects

Whey protein is not for everyone, and you should always find out first if it is right for you before you go and buy lots of it, which includes finding out about any side effects that it may produce. Talk to people at your gym or ask for advice when you decide to start taking this bodybuilding supplement, and once you start to incorporate it into your diet you’ll soon start to see the effects for yourself.…

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Wear the Sports Sunglasses – Feel Like a Sportsman

Wear the Sports Sunglasses – Feel Like a Sportsman

Sports Sunglasses, as the name suggests, is specifically meant for sports persons and they help them enhance their performance. The main ability of the Sports Sunglasses lies in the fact that they enable you to protect your eyes from the glare and the harmful Ultra violet rays of the sun and yet have a very clear vision of objects.

The Sports Sunglasses come with superior and modern technology that not only guards your eye and a region of your face from the glare of the sun, but also ensures that your eyes are not impacted negatively because of any element of the sunglass.

These days, you can use sports sunglasses for just about any activity that requires physical exertion. The list includes cricket, cycling, fishing, skiing and so on. Certain sports have sport sunglasses tailor made for them. For example, you can wear fishing sunglass specifically when you go fishing. You can also wear sunglasses, specifically made for skiing.

The question is, how do you go about choosing your sports sunglass? There are certain guidelines that you can follow. First, go for the established brands that make sunglasses. There are a number of reputed brands that have ventured into making of the sports sunglasses.

For example, Oakley, Ray Ban, and sunglasses Bolle are all reputed brands. These brands comply with the industry standard specifications for making sunglasses. For example, all reputed sunglasses ensure that they are UV 400 rated. Second, be aware of all your requirements.

Are you going to stay out in the sun for a long time? Will you be required to stay out in the sun during the noon when the ultra violet ray production is much higher than that during other times during the day? What is my budget? Also, what kind of sport will you be in?

Ask yourself these questions and choose the most suitable sunglass for you. Lastly, to protect your eyes more, choose a sunglass with polarized lenses. Such sunglasses will improve the visibility and you will not be required to squint your eyes to protect yourself from sun’s glare.

The prices of sports sunglasses will vary depending on such factors as the brand of the sunglass; the lens color they use; whether the lenses are photochromic or transition; and lastly, whether the lens set is interchangeable. Usually, the sunglasses with photochromic and transition lenses cost more.

Sports Sunglasses have carved out its own niche in the sports arena and sport persons have been embracing this increasingly. This has played a role in enhancing the performance of the sportsmen by protecting them from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Hence, this can be treated as both a guard and a performance enhancer and an enabler.…

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Cardio Workouts Work Better When You Follow These Three Tips

Cardio Workouts Work Better When You Follow These Three Tips

Cardio workouts only work when you know how to make them part of your walk, jog, run or bike ride. Sustained routines involving only running, jogging, walking or bike riding do not build optimal health.

I live out in the country amongst step hills.A� Runners and cyclists come out here to do their workouts. I observed that none of them carry any excess fat. In fact most of them are very slender without any noticeably bulging muscles on either their arms or their legs. Even their abs fail to show definition.

Think about marathon runners and racing cyclists. Now think about swimmers, gymnasts and sprinters. What do you notice about the difference in physique between the former and the latter groups?

Which group do you want to look like? Whose body shape do you want to emulate? Which group do you think of as being healthier?

Follow these three tips to optimize your mental and physical well being:

1. When you workout focus on your workout. Be 100% present with what you are doing. Avoid listening to music or even educational material. Use your mind to get the most out of your workout.

Breath into your muscles giving them all the oxygen they need to work full out for you. And pay attention to any sensations you observe now that your mind is on you and your many parts working to support you in the moment.

2. This may sound silly yet realize your body is you – not a separate thing from you. Most people talk about body parts like they belong to someone else. Instead of talking about not what your leg does talk about what you do with your leg.

See the difference? When you see your body as you, your physical reality, you treat it differently and I guarantee it will respond differently for you.

Love and appreciate your body and let it know how grateful you are for the way it responded during your exercise routine. That process will allow you tune into any muscle, tendon, ligament, etc., that may not be quite up to par. When you fail to notice little discomforts you eventually wind up with injuries.

3. Rather than walking, running, or biking for an hour or longer striving to maintain your heartbeat range, break your routine into short period of steady activity alternating with brief spurts where you play full out, running, pedaling, race walking as fast and as hard as you can for 1-2 minutes.

You can also do your cardio using free weights so that you use more than just the usually muscles in your workout. In fact when you do the sprint-cardio workout or the weight bearing cardio you can cut down your exercise time to as little as twenty minutes – or even seven if you have the strength for the challenge of those routines.

The combo routines will get you stronger faster, building your lungs and heart in the process, than just the walk, run or biking. IT will also save you time.…