5 Reasons For Concrete Repair and Maintenance

Concrete is a common building material used for a variety of purposes. It is flexible in its application and easy to work with. However, concrete should be regularly repaired and maintained to maximize its longevity. This is especially important for areas where heavy machinery or traffic may be present. Here are some of the main reasons you may need to have concrete repaired. You should contact a Concrete Repair and Maintenance Columbia, SC, professional company for a free estimate in such cases.

Polyurethane is an excellent method for gap sealing in the soil

Using a polyurethane sealant to bridge gaps between existing structures is a great way to prevent structural damage caused by settlement. This type of sealant is ideal for bridges and other facilities that experience movement and is effective for gap-sealing in the soil. In addition, its quick and controlled application minimizes unwanted airflow and can be used in wet conditions.

Another option for filling voids in the soil is mudjacking. While mudjacking can be less expensive and easier to control, this method is also less durable and may cause additional damage. Additionally, polyurethane injections can be used for a broader range of projects and reach even small spots. For this reason, polyurethane is the best choice for concrete raising and repairing projects.

Epoxy-based concrete repair provides high compression strength

The epoxy-based concrete repair offers high compression strength, hardness, and durability than regular concrete. These products are ideal for both concrete and mixed-material structures. Furthermore, they can be applied at any temperature, operating from -60°F to +2000°F. They can be used on both old and new concrete substrates. In addition, they can be applied to steel, glass, and wood.

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Compared with PU, EP is the most popular choice for structural repairs. It is highly effective in filling voids and lifting structures. PU also has a higher flow rate than epoxy. However, it is more expensive than EP. Epoxy-based concrete repair can be used on both old and new structures. It is also highly resistant to aging and weathering. In addition, it can withstand high-speed traffic.

A concrete protection system provides high compression strength

When used properly, a concrete protection system will provide a high compression strength for the repair and maintenance of your concrete structure. These compounds are added during the batching process to increase durability and reduce the permeability of concrete. This type of treatment also reduces the risk of water penetration by filling micro-cracks and capillary pores in concrete. Moreover, it will provide a waterproof barrier.

A concrete protection system should be applied by Concrete Repair and Maintenance Columbia, SC professionals after thorough laboratory or field testing. This is particularly important when working on historic structures or with not reversible concrete. In addition, it is essential to perform trial samples before implementing the treatment in a concrete form to ensure that the treatment is effective and will not affect the appearance or durability of the concrete. Finally, it is essential to understand the exact cause of concrete deterioration before deciding on a concrete repair and maintenance system.

Random spalling is a result of ground shifting

The crystallization of salts causes spalling under the surface of bricks and stone. This occurs most commonly in underground structures and conditions that allow for a relatively dry climate. To simulate this phenomenon, place a concrete cube in salt water. After a couple of months, salt will accumulate on the cube, and the corners will begin to spall. This effect can occur if old, weak bricks are repeatedly used without the proper surface treatment.

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Spalling can also be caused by cement pointing in old buildings. Because cement fills mortar joints, it blocks the moisture that can escape through the brick faces. If the cement fails to cure correctly, the resulting spalling can crack or crumble the brick. Then, the structure will begin to crumble. Spalling can cause a range of damage, including the destruction of buildings or their contents.

How to choose a concrete repair contractor

You’re looking for a reliable Concrete Repair and Maintenance Columbia, SC, a contractor who will take care of your project easily and smile. However, it is essential to keep a few things in mind before choosing the company to work on your project. If you’re looking for a quick solution to your concrete problem, The Driveway Company is your solution. You can get a free quote from a The Driveway Company dealer today.