5 Step Cycling Workouts To Boosting Your Cycling Speed

5 Step Cycling Workouts To Boosting Your Cycling Speed

Cycling speed is usually important for any cyclist who engages in short races that require power and speed to defeat your competitors. However, it is also good for those cyclists who like to ride for fun and enjoy the thrill of cycling fast.

In this article, I will share with you one of many effective cycling workouts that will help you to boost your cycling speed in 4 steps. For this cycling workout, ensure that you are riding on a flat road surface that is not at all hilly. Here are the 4 steps,

1. Ride for 20 seconds at a fast pace.

In this workout, you start by riding your bike at a relatively fast speed for 20 seconds. After riding for this 20 seconds, you pedal slowly and easily for another equal amount of time, in this case 20 seconds. This is so as to let your body recover and to catch your breath.

2. Repeat this routine another 9 times.

After the first interval, you repeat this exercise another 9 times, riding fast and riding slowly to recover, for the set time of 20 seconds.

3. Rest for 4 minutes to recover.

After completing the first 10 intervals of this exercise, you should rest for 4 minutes. This is so as to let your body recover effectively, preparing for the next 2 sets of this cycling workout.

4. Repeat this whole cycling routine another 2 times.

After the 4 minutes rest, you should then repeat this whole exercise another 2 times. That is, riding fast and easily for 20 seconds each, and repeating this 10 times and resting for 4 minutes after this whole exercise.

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5. Repeat this cycling routine weekly.

You should then repeat this exercise weekly and you are bound to see improvement in your cycling speed and body recovery.