A Brief List of Cycling Helmet Reviews

A Brief List of Cycling Helmet Reviews

Wearing cycling helmets, during tournaments and events or even during personal cycling routine, is a must. In fact, in some countries, you can’t drive your bicycle if you are not wearing these cycling protective head gears. Some of the major cycling accidents on the road are attributed to the absence of the protective head gears of the bicycle users. The effects of the accidents could have been minimized should they have one on when they were riding.

To give you an idea of what the best cycling helmets are in the market, we have come up with a brief review of the helmets you might want to consider buying, should you choose to join the millions of road cycling enthusiasts in the world; or maybe if you want to pursue a professional career in the sport. It is also a form of exercise so if you want to do it too, buy yourself a good and high quality cycling headgear.

The first product we will look at is the Specialized Propero. These cycling helmets are lightweight, have lots of ventilation, Snell-certified, and has varying sizes that will surely fit to anybody. The Specialized Propero helmet meets both CPSC and Snell Memorial Foundation B-90 safety standards. Moreover, most cyclists say that Specialized Propero is absolutely comfortable to use and it is claimed to be a good alternative for either road cyclists or mountain bikers. You can definitely find them in a local bike shop or online sports shops because of the high demand for them.

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The Giro Indicator cycling helmets are also among the best reviewed equipment around. Some of its advantages are its lightweight, one-hand fit adjustment feature, good ventilation and really excellent value for money. In addition, the Giro Indicator bicycle helmet received rave responses from professional reviewers and owners alike. The helmet was also well-received by a leading UK cycling magazine that performs a comparative test of bike helmets.

Another well reviewed helmet is the Bell Trigger. Unlike the cycling helmets we have reviewed above, the Bell Trigger actually falls into the youth bike helmets category. During the testing, the Bell Trigger was found out to do well during crash test. It provides good ventilation and features a pinch guard buckle. Moreover, a lot of parents, of kids who joins the junior road cycling tournaments and events, say that the Bell Trigger fits perfectly their kids’ needs of a good headgear. It protects their kids during the tournament.