A Few Tips for Cyclists of All Levels

A Few Tips for Cyclists of All Levels

A Few Cycling Tips for Everyone

Whether you are thinking about just getting into cycling, or if you are already a seasoned veteran, the Internet is full of helpful resources and tips to make you a better cyclist. Below are a few tips that I have found useful over the past few years.

Beginning Tips:

Buy some cycling clothes. Don’t be embarrassed to wear cycling clothes. You may think it looks funny at first, but they are more comfortable and more efficient. Plus, no one really cares what you look like!

Braking – Down Hills. The temptation going down hills is to brake the whole way down. Instead slowly pump the brakes to slow your speed as necessary.

Skills and Techniques:

Emergency Braking. When you must brake suddenly, use two thirds front brake and one third rear brake. This will help avoid sending the bike into a slide. But be sure to shift your body weight backwards to avoid sending yourself over the bars.

Go Big Ring. On long descents, shift into your large chain ring. That way if you crash, the chain will protect your leg from the chain ring teeth.

Repair and Maintenance:

Color Code Your Tools: A simple color-coding system for tools is very helpful. It is a great time saver because it allows you to tell the size of a wrench at a glance. Colored electrical tape works very well.

Fixing a noisy chain:In a pinch, you can use lip balm or sunscreen to quiet a noisy chin.

Bikes and Gear

Steerer Tube Length. For a new bike, leave the steerer tube long and add spacers under the stem. Then you have the option to play with the stem height to find your ideal position before cutting the steerer tube.

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Hide Your Info. Hide your contact information inside your handlebars, seat tube, or head tube. If your bike is ever stolen, this may help you retrieve it. A local bike shop may come across it while making repairs in the future.

Training and Fitness

Strengthen Your Core. Establish an exercise routine that includes muscles that cycling uses, and also strengthens your core. This includes your abs, obliques, back, glutes and hamstrings.

Energy Gels & Fluids. To get the most out of energy gels, be sure to drink enough fluids. Proper hydration will help the gel absorb into your system more effectively.

By always having an open mind to learn new tips and tricks, you will not only become a more seasoned cyclist, but have a much more fun and safe experience.