Being Responsible By Taking Birth Control

It is definitely very unfortunate that so many women all over the United States currently experience pregnancies that are unfortunately unwanted. Because many women fail to acknowledge the importance of birth control, accidents end up happening and end up costing many lives that result in abortions every year. Referring to theĀ Shriver Report, studies show that approximately more than 50% of all pregnancies that occur in the United States end up being unplanned. Sadly, statistics also show that approximately more than 43% of these unplanned pregnancies that occur in America will end up resulting in an abortion. It is very unfortunate that there are such a high number of unplanned pregnancies in America, when there are so many different methods to choose from in order to stop and prevent pregnancy. It is definitely surprising that so many women are also failing to be responsible and prevent a pregnancy from occurring to their body. When you become pregnant, you end up becoming responsible for creating a whole new life and a whole new human being. To depend on an abortion as your form of birth control is highly irresponsible and cruel to the unborn child. Therefore, you might want to begin thinking of being more responsible and taking birth control to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

According to theĀ CDC, averages of about 49 percent of pregnancies were unplanned in the year of 2006 in America. This statistic also revealed that there has been a slight crease in the amount of unplanned pregnancies in the United States. It is important for women to understand that every time you fail to either have unprotected sex without taking any type of birth control, you put yourself at risk for creating a human being. It is not morally right for any woman to solely depend on abortions to be their main and primary source of birth control. There are so many different types of birth control methods that you can possibly choose from. You may want to consider taking the time to do your own research in order to learn more about the different types of methods of birth control in today’s market. For example, some of the birth control methods that can be used are the implants, the Depo shot, oral contraceptives, birth control pills, the patch, the contraceptive ring, a cervical cap, a sponge and many other forms including the traditional male condom.

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It is important for women to do their part in the world by simply being responsible and taking birth control if you are not planning on creating a new life. You can easily be able to visit your OB-GYN in order to receive the birth control method of your choice. Take time to conduct some research online and order to find your nearest gynecologist des moines ia.

Understand the true importance of taking birth control in advance before thinking about engaging in unprotected sex. Every time you take the risk, you risk the chance of also taking someone’s life from having to undergo an abortion. See your OB-GYN today in order to get started on being responsible and taking birth control.