Bike Racks Become Works of Art

Bike Racks Become Works of Art

Art is a subject that is never out of the news and the many stories from the art world are forever surprising us. The latest news is yet another strange but true story. Ordinary bike racks are now to become works of art. The city of Columbia is to feature works of art that are to be used as bike racks for its residents of the area.

The latest project is aimed at bringing more art into the city and allowing the public a chance to see what the local talent has to offer. The art pieces doubling as bike racks will give its citizens a chance to see and use the art as part of their daily routine. It is not everyday that you get to see such great works of art, never mind being able to use them as a practical way of storing your bike.

The bike racks are to be created by a program called BikePARC Columbia who are a group who aims to produce great works of art and display them in and around the city for the residents to use. Whether you cycle or not the bike racks will still be a piece of art for those who live in the city to marvel at. The idea has already been used in other cities in America. Nashville feature bike racks in the shape of corn and tomatoes while there is also a microphone bike rack which attributes to the cities musical history.

The new and exciting bike racks may help to encourage more of the city’s residents to take up cycling as a form of travel. As we all know travel is highly encouraged as a form of travel to help prevent global warming, this artistic idea may help to contribute towards more using bikes as a form of travel. It is all well and good cycling everywhere but if there is nowhere to park your bike, what are you to do?

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The bikes are not only to encourage citizens to cycle but also bring more art in to the city. Columbia hopes that the art work will contribute to a more artistic area and one which may attract more visitors. This idea may catch on to other cities who could possibly come up with new and interesting ideas that could encourage people to cycle more, leading to a greener, more environmentally friendly world.