Bodybuilding Supplements For Increased Gains

Bodybuilding Supplements For Increased Gains

When I started bodybuilding, the first thing I did was buy protein supplements. I thought that they were like some kind of magic formula and that if I just took them I would gain muscle mass fast.

After about a month of taking these supplements, I got really disappointed at my lack of results. I had been certain that this was going to be my big break and that I was going to pack on 30lb of muscle mass inside of 1 month.

So with weeks of lost and with very low motivation I was back to square 1 again. So I decided that if supplements weren’t helping me at this time that I should stop using them and find a different way to increase my size.

I came across one article which stressed the importance of designing a real diet and exercise plan first, before start to use supplements. It didn’t sound as attractive as the idea of just taking bodybuilding products and growing massive, but still I thought I’d give it a go.

Well I set to work creating a diet which would be high protein but also include a lot of fruit and veg. It wasn’t easy and I got quite bored doing it, but I soldiered on and before long I had designed both my eating and workout plan.

I still wasn’t very motivated at this point, but wanted to test out my plan over the next month of two. I didn’t really believe that it would work considering the supplements failed, but I had nothing else to go on so I just stuck by my plan everyday.

Well in the first two weeks I didn’t see much improvement at all, but by only 1 month later I packed on 7lb of lean muscle! Just by keeping 100% to a solid bodybuilding diet and workout routine I gained over seven pounds in just over 6 weeks.

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At that point I had the idea of adding protein supplements into my diet to see if I could better my results further. And ever since then I’ve been rapidly increasing my muscle month after month. I now know that whilst bodybuilding supplements are very powerful, they need to be taken alongside a proper diet and exercise plan.