Bodybuilding Workout Routine and Your Commitment

Bodybuilding Workout Routine and Your Commitment

Your efforts at a better body are only going to be successful if you find a bodybuilding workout routine you enjoy and can stick with long enough to reap the rewards. Everyone out there has different motivating factors that allow them to set goals and stick with them.

For some of us, it’s all about the battle to get there, rather than the reward itself (1). Still others will suffer through unimaginable circumstances, knowing that the end result will be worth the battle to get there (2). Lastly, some of us will only do something if it’s enjoyable and don’t have specific goals one way or the other (3).

The same factors apply to maintaining a bodybuilding workout routine:

1. If you’re the type who loves to conquer obstacles to get your rewards: You may very well be able to work up to and maintain a rigorous routine, punishing your body day in and day out until you reach your goals. After all, you know that you’re not going to quit until you reach a certain poundage on the bench press, or obtain a freakish body like Mr. Olympia Lee Priest. For you, it will all be worth it once you’ve reached your goal.

2. The next type of person doesn’t really like the battle, but knows that they must stay strong and do what’s necessary in their bodybuilding workout routine to reach their dream. Like number 1, you’re going to do whatever it takes, so having a fun or flexible routine really isn’t a concern. You likely also have motto’s like “Just Do It” plastered all over your personal space.

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3. Number 3 is the most fickle of the bunch. You have to enjoy everything you do, otherwise you’ll never stick to it. You want a killer body, but need a highly enjoyable and flexible bodybuilding workout routine to stay the course. Changing your routine monthly and working out with a partner is your best weapon to maintaining a commitment to your routine.