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Top 10 Reasons for Riding a Bike

Top 10 Reasons for Riding a Bike

A survey was recently conducted to find out the main motivating factor for people to ride a bike. The participant group was a major cycling forum, and involved individuals from all the commonly known cycling groups, such as casual riders, work commuters, and competitive riders. Through their responses it was possible to formulate the top 10 reasons for riding a bike.

1. Health and Fitness

The most popular response was clearly health and fitness. Just as the bike machines are more popular at gyms than treadmills, cycling is preferred over running/jogging for fitness. Its low impact is far easier on the joints, and much better for health in the long term.

2. Fun and Enjoyment

Many people might be surprised to see that fun is ranked so highly, but it just goes to show that cycling is definitely considered an enjoyable pastime. Just as many people enjoy getting behind a wheel and driving a car for fun, there seems to be a large number of people who similarly cant wait to jump on a bike and cruise around.

3. Commuting

Commuting was always going to be a popular choice, with it being common knowledge that many people prefer cycling as their main form of transport. Countless numbers of commuters cycle to work to escape the traffic congestion and save money on transport costs, and many also cycle outside of work for tasks such as shopping or visiting friends.

4. Personal Escape Time

The increasingly demanding fast-paced western lifestyle is responsible for this categories high placing, which we have named personal escape time. Many cyclists expressed how they liked to get away from it all, enjoyed the serenity of cycling, or just needed some time alone.

5. Balanced Lifestyle

Considering the remarks above about the western lifestyle, many riders also consider cycling to be a vital part of a balanced lifestyle. Life isn’t all about work, family, eating and entertainment, and cycling can provide that balance as either a recreation, fitness, or relaxation aspect.

6. Freedom

The ability to get away and ride in the open is obvious, but bikes afford a great deal more freedom when you compare them to other forms of transport. No need to worry about bus or train timetables, or sitting in traffic jams, cycling puts you in charge when you are commuting.

7. Testing Physical Abilities

Many people who chose this category would be dedicated riders, as it has synergy with cycling as a sport. Physical and mental limits can be tested in cycling road races, and it can be an enjoyable challenge for cyclists to try and get the maximum performance from their body.

8. Hobby

Cycling has a number of different aspects which can make it enjoyable as a hobby. Many people enjoy tinkering with their own bikes for performance and maintenance, while others love testing new elite cycling products and accessories. Cycling clubs are also popular as they can be a great way to be part of a bike loving community.

9. Personal Challenge

Cycling is often used as a tool for people to set goals to achieve or challenge themselves with. It could be whether they have the stamina to cycle a certain distance, or whether they can complete or route within a set time period, or even an indirect goal such as losing 5 or 10kg in weight.

10. Environment Benefits

The environment is fast becoming something that we all need to take care of. Cycling will always be considering as having a positive effect on the environment due to the fact it doesn’t create any pollution, and we should expect to see this reason jump up the list in the future.…

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Importance of Cycling Gear

Importance of Cycling Gear

Motorcycling is one of the most interesting modes of traveling or sporting. This is due to the fact that it is flexible and so much affordable in both owning and maintaining it. Touring a safe sport during dry seasons in a motor bike gives you the taste of a free fresh external air as you move from place to place. As a result, many people have it but do not bother using the riding gear that gives you great comfort and protection from personal injuries in case of an accident.

In case of an accident, helmet will protect your head against any skull breakage eminent with the rolling during accidents. Make sure, if you are carrying some else on the motor bike that he or she also has a helmet and other safety gears required. The leather materials you have in the gloves, jackets, pants and boots will protect your body from the excessive cold motion temperatures which causes a number of respiratory and breathing complications, as well as the scratches you are likely to get in case of motorcycle accident. Your attire might leave the accident scene looking weird but you will be safe from all the personal injuries.

Another personal injury you are bound to encounter is the burns you are likely to get as a result of heating of the engine and exhaust pipe. To avoid this kind of injury, ensure your boots are not of plastic with might melt away as a result of excessive heat. The plastic boots can farther worsen the burn as after melting it will be hot in its liquid form. Leather boots are therefore preferred for cycling. They should be well laced up or your shoe laces night cause you injuries by winding around the chains and other rotating machinery around.

The visible reflective jacket ensures the drivers of the vehicles coming your way or from behind, is seeing you clearly. This visibility is meant to reduce the chances of vehicles running into motorcycles due to lack of clarity to show the driver that the there is a cyclist ahead. If you are not in sight of the driver of a coming truck, you are bound to cause accidents and hence serious injuries or even death. Let other road users know that you are also there.

The excessive noisy wind you straggle with while cycling can cause great dangers to your ears and eyes. The personal injuries eminent in your ear and eyes are a long term effect. Its short term effect is that can even hinder you vision completely, creating room for a possible accident while destructing your hearing ability from the possible hooting by coming tracks. To combat this, make sure you have ear plugs and a visor on your helmet. Without the visor, you are advised to use goggles to protect your eyes against the effects of the powerful wind

Be safe. Put on the correct cycling attire for your safety and long life. One may ignore this advice, but then the consequences of a motorcycle accident may ruin one’s live for ever.…

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Lose a Stone in a Week? Cycling and Carb Cycling

Lose a Stone in a Week? Cycling and Carb Cycling

Exercise burns calories and produces muscle by replacing fat tissue. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even while the body rests.

Exercising is not just about keeping you fit and building muscles, it is also about working up a sweat and losing weight. That’s why many exercise machine manufacturers have made a killing with so many gyms popping up all over the country.

Exercising is much more important than changing your eating habits. You could burn as many calories as you want while you could not reduce your calorie intake to zero as you still need food to live.

Burn more calories than you take in and your body will have to burn fat in order to operate. The simplest advice that anyone has given me is low on the carbs, and high on the protein. Burning 600 calories a day is 4,200 calories burned in a week.

Provided that your calorie intake is within the recommended daily allowance for your weight, you can easily lose more than a pound.

Dieting to lose weight is difficult at best, and generally ends in frustration for the average person. The majority of people gain most of the weight back within the first year (1, 2).

Diet and cardio are the keys to fat loss.

The way to lose fat is the same no matter where your problem areas are. Dieting to lose fat is easier said than done at its best and most of the people creep into frustration in a regular weight loss process.

Most of the people gain extra weight back within the first year of a weight loss process.

Carb cycling is a fantastic way to have variety in your diet while maximising your fat loss efforts. It is no longer a plan exclusively for muscular women or bodybuilders but can be used by anyone.

Carb cycling is a weight loss or dieting method that allows a person to keep switching the calorie intake mainly to regulate the weight.

The strategy includes the ‘high carb’ days, the ‘low carb’ days and finally the ‘no carb’ days. Carb Cycling is a method of eating your starches/complex carbs.

In weight watchers it is called ‘rocking points’.

Bike riding for losing weight is not only effective but extremely fun. Biking burns calories at fast rate and is much more interesting than walking or running.

Bikes are the new replacement for cars! Don’t be a fool and pay ridiculously high prices for petrol, just buy a bike and reap the rewards, healthy, economic to run and great fun!…

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Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor cycling bikes, or spinning bikes as some call them, are a great for a high calorie burning low-impact workout. These bikes can give you a great cardio workout, can be used all year long, do not take up a lot of space.

Cycling bikes are a great tool to use to get a good cardio workout that is low-impact. These bikes can help improve your overall health, reduce your weight, and increase stamina. Also, cycling is considered to be a low-impact exercise, which mean there is a lot less stress on your joints compared to exercises like running. This a good for those who have issues with joint pains.

Another great thing about these types of bikes is that they are “INDOORS” so they can be used year round. No matter what part of the world you may be in, there are those days were it is just to bad to go outside to get your “workout on”. With indoor cycling bikes you do not have to worry about rain, snow, or it being to hot or to cold. You can just get on the bike and start going.

Indoor bikes are small and narrow so they won’t consume a lot of space. You can simply place these bikes in a corner of your house and get down to business. A lot of newer cycling bikes are computerized and come with different training programs that can help you mix up your cardio work out.

Prices for range from around $400 – $1500 and come with a variety of options. When picking an indoor bike you need to think about how often you plan to ride, type of surface you plan to use it on, maintenance and up keep.

Cycling bikes are great low-impact exercise machines. They can be used all year round or as workout replacement for those days were it is just to bad to go outside. These bikes can give you that work out you need to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.…

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Periodization – What is it and How to Use It

Periodization – What is it and How to Use It

A term used often in cycling is periodization. Surprisingly though many people do not have a concrete understanding of what it means. In this post we will attempt to eliminate any ambiguity surrounding the term and demonstrate how you can utilize periodization in your weekly training.

Periodization means just as it sounds, it is the structuring of your training season into periods or zones. Each period is designed to specifically benefit a certain part of your overall fitness, and usually later periods depend upon success in earlier periods in order to be of value. A general periodization of a season often looks something like this:

Number of Weeks 4-6 Preparation

In the first four to six weeks you are getting prepared for the battering your body is going to take over the next four to six months. This often consists of weight room training and possibly cross training with swimming or running.

Number of Weeks 8 -12 Base

The next eight to twelve weeks is called the base period and is spent increasing your endurance. By the end of the base period you will want your longest ride of the week to be at least the same duration as what you plan on doing your most important race in.

Number of Weeks 6-8 Build

Next is the build period. This is where you will want to begin increasing the intensity of your workouts in conjunction with decreasing the length. In addition you will want to spend quite a bit of time improving any weaknesses that might come up in a race situation.

Number of Weeks 1-2 Peak

The peak period is used to get rested for the upcoming races. Here you still want to incorporate high intensity workouts so that your body does not lose any fitness, but you want to greatly reduce the volume.

Number of Weeks 1-3 Race

After tapering you should be ready for up to three or four weeks of racing.

That is really all there is to periodization. There are a few different forms of periodization that are not linear like the one listed above, but very few athletes prefer to use them. The linear periodization described above is used by many of the worlds top runners, cyclists, and swimmers, and when used correctly and with a goal in mind it will greatly improve your season.…

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Preparing For Common Problems On A Biking Trip

Preparing For Common Problems On A Biking Trip

Going on a short biking trip is a very enjoyable experience especially if sufficient preparations have been made. It is important to plan the getaway way ahead of time in order to overcome obstacles of any kind that might be stumbled upon along the way. Getting lost, minor accidents, and bicycle troubles are among the most commonly encountered problems that bikers face. For professionals, these could be easily addressed. If you are new to the activity however, circumstances such as these could put you in danger. Anything can happen on the road, and with inadequate readiness, your life could be at a great risk.

Getting lost is a scary situation that is not unusual among many amateur bikers. Lack of preliminary research on the right route to take is the main cause of this problem. It is a significant rule to first study the streets planned to be hoofed on by actually driving through using a more reliable transportation like a car. This is applicable particularly for roads that are least utilized due to remoteness of the place. Being familiar with a new location is vital so that you will know specific landmarks thereby avoiding the possibility of traveling to the wrong destination, and knowing the danger zones, in so doing steering clear from unsafe grounds.

Minor accidents are common for both beginners and professionals. During the course of a biking trip, there are always unexpected scenarios that could leave a person with injuries. Being prepared with safety gadgets such as a helmet, shin guards, and Cycling Jerseys may not be enough to address the impending concern typically occurring while on the road. Packing a light bag that includes emergency medications and bandages is necessary for bleeding wounds or abrasions, and especially when the nearest hospital is a bit far from where the disgrace happened.

Bicycle troubles are another typical setback to be prepared for. Flat tires, slack chain, and loosened brakes comprise the topmost hitches stumbled upon. While a mechanic can immediately solve these problems, one may not be bumped into until another few miles along the road. It is therefore imperative for bikers, both new and old, to be knowledgeable about some quick fixes to deal with such troubles. It is not required to dwell into the in-depth concepts of bicycle fixing but the basic techniques at least. Moreover, packing along a few helpful tools like a lightweight wrench would be a wise idea.…

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Keeping Your Workouts Fresh For Continued Gains

Keeping Your Workouts Fresh For Continued Gains

Keeping your workouts fresh is one of the best ways to make sure that you continue to make gains. You need to challenge your muscles to improve and adapt by becoming larger and stronger. Sticking with the same workout for months or years at a time will only lead to your gains plateauing. No matter how intense or arduous your workout plan may seem when you first start it, it’s an inevitable certainty that your body will eventually adapt to it and the benefits you can obtain from it will decrease and eventually stop. As a result, you should plan on mixing up your workout plan every 4-6 weeks. Any more frequently than that and you won’t have given your current plan time to work. Any less frequently and you more than likely will have spent some time stagnating.

There are many, many ways to bring variety to your workouts. For instance, you can change the muscle groups you work together. Most people start off working back with biceps and chest with triceps. Try switching things up and working back with triceps and chest with biceps. Not only will this provide variety, it will also allow your accessory muscles (biceps, triceps) to be stronger when you train them because they won’t have been weakened by your back and chest moves. You can also switch up your training split in another way. If you’re currently working one or two bodyparts per day in a weekly cycle, try doing a full body workout (one exercise per body part) a few times a week. Or try an upper body/lower body split, training upper body on some days and lower body on others. There are a ton of possibilities.

You can also vary the rep and set schemes. Try starting with a low weight with high reps, then gradually increase the weight and decrease the reps over the course of your sets. Or, go in reverse: begin with a high weight and low reps, then decrease the weight and increase the reps as you go. You might also try keeping the weight the same and decreasing the reps each set, going to failure on each one. As with the training splits, there are often limitless possibilities when it comes to mixing things up within your workout. The important thing is that you do mix things up and don’t let things stagnate. It takes some thought, but it’s well worth it. Try out some of the strategies I’ve mentioned and keep training hard!…