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Tips on Maintaining Dental Health – Ages 1 to 6

Ensuring your child’s dental health is important from the very first appearance of their teeth. Not only is it imperative to keep their teeth clean to prevent cavities, it is also essential that you set a good example for your child, creating a regular dental care routine that provides a healthy foundation for your child’s future dental health. Here are some tips on maintaining good dental health for children ages 1 to 6 years.
• From the very beginning, make sure to schedule regular visits to the dentist. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association both recommend that children should be taken to the dentist once they reach their first birthday. Your dentist will check your one year old’s teeth and identify fluoride needs plus address any other potentially dangerous habits that may be preventing good oral hygiene–including thumb sucking or sleeping with a bottle. Children’s teeth are the most susceptible to cavities during the first two years after eruption.
• Brushing is important as soon as teeth become visible. Parents should not use toothpaste for children under 2, just a little water. When they reach the age of two, children can then use pea-sized amounts of toothpaste.
• Remember to change your child’s toothbrush every two months and after children have been sick.
• The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you assist your child in brushing and flossing until the age of 6. Make sure children’s teeth are brushed at least twice a day. Teach your children the proper brushing techniques. Select a toothbrush that has soft, rounded bristles. Demonstrate circular brush strokes to reach all surfaces of the teeth.
• Initiate flossing children’s gums as soon as the gaps between the teeth close. There are a variety of animal shaped flossers to help make flossing more fun for children.
• Rinsing should become a part of your child’s dental hygiene regimen. For children, many dentists recommend a product like Listerine’s Agent Cool Blue which tints plaque to assist in more efficient brushing.
• Try to restrict the number of sticky snacks your children eat. Sticky foods are called retentive foods as they become stuck in the grooves of the teeth and increase the chance of cavities. Healthy snacks are important to good oral hygiene as well as good health. The odds of experiencing cavities in primary teeth are significantly greater in children who did not have breakfast daily or ate less than five servings of fruit and vegetables per day.
Make trips to the dentist fun for your child. The right attitude makes all the difference to your child’s perception of the dentist. By being positive and setting a good example to your child, your child will grow up with a healthy smile and a friendly relationship with the dentist.…

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Vegetarian Diet For a Healthy Natural Weight Loss

It may seem difficult for most people to get on a purely vegetarian diet in an effort to lose weight, and many would make excuses such as veggies are unappetizing or that a strictly vegetarian diet can be quite boring. However, it can not be denied that vegetarian diets usually have lower calories, and can actually help people lose weight. Lessening your intake of meat products, especially red meats can also result to lowered levels of blood cholesterol, making vegetables a better choice to protect the body from heart disease, hypertension and other chronic diseases.
Studies have proven that who people eat meat more than six times a week are more prone to heart disease, as compared with those who have lesser meat intake. Replacing your regular diet of heavy meats help you reduce weight and at the same time provide your body with health benefits that can lead to a longer, healthier life.
A vegetarian diet could simply mean adding more vegetables to your diet or it could also mean completely eliminating meat and other animal products such as eggs, milk and other dairy products. Some people have turned to being completely vegans, which means they have totally eliminated meat and other animal products. It has been observed many times that the cholesterol levels of vegans are a lot lower than lacto-ovo vegetarians (people who eat dairy products). However, lacto-ovo vegetarians still have lowered blood cholesterol levels than meat eaters, and are usually able to maintain their weight better.
Since most vegetables are also rich in fiber, eating a good amount of them can also help your digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. An improved digestive system, of course means a more efficient elimination of excess liquids and wastes from the body, which also contribute some excess pounds to the body. Vegetables are also rich source of vitamins and minerals which are essential especially when you are trying to lose weight.
There are many tasty vegetable recipes that you can find on the Internet that are appetizing and yet have low calories. To get the most out of your vegetables, do not overcook them and as much as possible, eat them right after they are cooked. If you can not make the transition right away from a meat filled diet to a purely vegan diet, just lessen your intake of red meats and replace them with nutritious and low calorie vegetables.…

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Should You Buy Hoodia Gordonii?

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t stop eating, no matter how full you were? Do you crave foods that are high in sugar or fats even when you know you shouldn’t be eating them?
Very few of us have the will power that we need to lose those extra pounds, and sometimes getting just a little extra help is all that it takes. More and more people all over the world are choosing to buy Hoodia Gordonii because it helps them suppress their appetite and have more energy.
Should You Buy Hoodia Gordonii?
You don’t need to be obese in order to buy Hoodia Gordonii as it can help you in few other instances also. It is perfect for people who are just trying to lose those last few pounds as well as those who are seriously obese. Its natural appetite-suppressant qualities mean that it is a safe and effective way to help you lose weight, and when used properly, it should help you begin to see results within the first week.
What Is Hoodia Gordonii?
Hoodia is the extract of a succulent plant (cactus) that is found in the southern regions of Africa. It has been used through the centuries as a way to curb hunger on long trips and has now been brought to our continent to help people who just can’t control their appetite. It works by tricking your brain into thinking that you are full and that your blood sugar is high, even when it is not.
By doing this, you will be able to say “No!” to an extra helping of dinner or a fattening dessert. In addition, you will find that when you buy Hoodia Gordonii and use it as directed, you will begin to crave foods that are much better for you. Instead of craving French fries, you may just want a baked potato instead. Your brain will teach you how to eat foods that are good for you, rather than those that just make you happy and feel fulfilled.
When you buy Hoodia Gordonii, it is important to look for a quality brand that is made from real extract of Hoodia and is not just full of fillers. There are many Hoodia products on the market today, and if you buy one that is not the real thing, it just won’t work.
Using a Hoodia product is only one part of achieving your weight loss goal. You will also need to increase your caloric burn by being more active or exercising. When you lower your caloric intake and increase your activity level, the result will be immediate weight loss.
With just a small walk every day and the fewer calories you are eating due to Hoodia Gordonii, you should have no problem losing a pound or two every week, and that can add up! When you buy Hoodia Gordonii, you must make sure that you take it regularly and that you eat properly while you are on it. This means that you should take a multivitamin every day in order to supplement the food that you are eating. Over time, this will result in a better-looking body and a healthier life.…

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Weight Loss Myths to Avoid Listening To

Some diet plans promise that you can lose ten pounds in two weeks but the truth is, this may only be possible if you diet hard and then end up crashing. The only thing this will really result is making you and your body feel sick and horrible. The best way to lose pounds is to limit your intake of calories and exercising more. Another myth is that if you exercise, you can eat as much as you like. Even if you are exercising like crazy, in order to truly lose weight you still need to watch how many calories you are eating. It is a good idea to watch what you are eating and also how much you are eating and have a good exercise plan that does not overdo it.
Finally, another myth about weight loss is to expect to be hungry while you are on a diet. This is only true if you decide to cut out calories on the spur of the moment. However, if you plan out how many calories you are eating and make sure to eat foods rich in nutrients you may actually end up feeling pretty satisfied and full and not always hungry. It is just important to watch which snacks and meals you are eating and what nutrients they contain.
Some of the dieting myths have some truth to them but only if you want to end up feeling hungry, terrible, and exhausted from too much exercise. The best way to lose weight may not be the faster or the prettiest but it will end up giving you real results and lead to weight loss success. The best way to lose weight is still to eat a balanced diet and exercise daily for the best results which will also help you to feel better.…

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Lychee Diet: A Diamond in the Rough or a Dud in Plain Sight?

I woke up this morning thinking to myself, “If I put the terms ‘clinically tested,’ ‘enhanced thermogenisis,’ ‘natural,’ or ‘contains polypolyphenols,’ would I be able to sell tree bark from the tree outside my house as a dietary supplement? I mean, why not? It’s natural, high in fiber. I can get any lab to test it and I can say it may enhance thermogenisis (increase your metabolism). Then I chop it up, bottle it, and sell it for $39.99 plus shipping and handling. Well, the “new super-fruit” is touted to do just that. No, it’s not acai-that is so last season. It’s Lychee (or Lichi), the new, “new super-fruit.” It’s sweeping the nation for its alleged weight loss potential. Maybe they’re right, just maybe.
Is it the antioxidants that make your waistline disappear like butter melting on hot pancakes? Is it the 120% of vitamin C that dissolves the fat-right before your very eyes? Come on guys, it’s vitamin C, it’s got to work magic! Right? The answer to this my friends and fellow yo-yo dieters, is that it really does nothing more then make you feel better (probably the carbs working on your dopamine system, aka the “feel-good” hormone). It may help you lose some weight because it has some fiber in it. Most of all you have to replace a meal with these “super-fruits.” What a novel idea-eat less along with regular exercise and the weight comes off? Doing some online research, GNC sells the “Lichi Superfruit Diet” for a mere $29.99 for a 10-day supply.
I also looked into any studies that have been conducted – I’ve been known to be wrong before (as my wife will gladly tell you). I knew I would find an article with someone named “John Doe, MD.” Well, I found one such person, Dr. V. H. Potty, a food technologist from India. He had a cool website and everything but still no scientific evidence. Dr. Athira from another website (although not as fancy as the previous one) said that it’s “capable in preventing breast cancer.” This is according to a test-tube study. I can trump that-arsenic will cure breast cancer! On I trudge through the infinite internet to find some semblance of evidence, when eureka! I hit pay dirt. In the “Journal of Functional Food,” I found a very in depth study conducted out of Japan that showed a whopping 16 people lost an unidentified amount of belly-fat. Well that settled it for me. I mean you have an official name, a “study,” and polyphenols! You can’t beat that! Other fruits that are less ‘exotic” also contain polyphenols (which are touted to do all sorts of miraculous things, including weight loss) berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and boysenberries), cherries, apples, and plums. Not to mention a variety of vegetables.
Lychee costs about $8-$10 per pound and you must use the fresh variety. I personally love Lychee fruit. You can use them in almost any dish and the Lychee sorbet is to die for! But I digress. The polyphenols that are talked about is a very specific one found in green tea. That specific polyphenol is called “catechin-polyphenols” catechin-polyphenols have been said to help decrease body weight (I did not say fat) anywhere from 4% to 26%. This is thought to be done by a variety of ways including biochemical, caffeine and increasing athletic endurance. Try to drink enough of the green tea to make a difference.
There it is-irrefutable evidence that eating a diet richer in fiber and less fat with exercise thrown in will decrease your waist line!…

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Great Weight Loss Guide and Info!

There are many people who have to deal with controlling their weight and a great weight loss program would be the best choice. Just because there won’t be any guess work involved when it comes down on you doing the correct thing to lose your weight fast, safe, easy, and effectively. So an excellent question would be, what is the most effective way to lose weight, or what would be the best weight loss program for me. Which I think would be the best question to ask, again all because, with a great weight loss program, there won’t be any guess work involve. To lose weight you’ve got to eat fewer calories than you burn, but with great guides on how its done correct, its easy. Or in other words you has to have a well balance diet plan.
Most people, who desire to lose weight, wish and wish only, these people never truly do anything. But if you truly want to lose weight, you would have to take action, don’t turned off till tomorrow what you can do today, get moving. You’ll be able to learn as you go, and you also would feel better about yourself. Once you have started you won’t be mulling over the decision any longer. You’ll focus on implementation for losing weight, and start seeing great results.
Keep in mind, you have this for the long haul. You should have a long term goal of losing X sum of weight, but break it into smaller increments and reward yourself any time you reach these goals. Do something exciting without violating your weight loss plan. The same goes for any workout. You would want to exercise with out putting the body under stress, so that you can maintain your exercise guides for a long time. Don’t start from the first day by running a marathon. Begin with moderate exercise and be regular with it. No less than 30 min. three times a week. Do something satisfying.…

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How Interval Training Can Help You Lose Weight Fast!

When it comes to losing weight, interval training is an excellent approach which produces great results. However, small changes in your training routine can have big effects, and it is important to maximize your time spent in the gym. What tips and techniques can you utilize to see dramatic weight loss with your interval training efforts? Here is a short list of great ideas, which will enhance your workouts on a day to day basis.
First, if you don’t know what interval training is, it is simply a type of workout, which blends high-intensity exercise with less intense training. These are paired in sets, and the sprint intervals are where you push yourself to the limit. These are usually much shorter in duration, and can be as little as 15 seconds long. An example of a sprint interval is running at full speed for 30 seconds, or doing an uphill climb on a stationary bike for 10 minutes. This is followed by a rest interval, in which you are still working out, just at a much lower level. This allows your body to recover from the load placed upon it during the high-intensity exercise. An example would be jogging after running at full speed. The amount of rest time is determined by your level of fitness, and the less time spent in the rest interval, the more effective your workout will be.
Now that we have a good idea of precisely what interval workouts entail, let’s look at a few tips that will help you get the most benefit from this type of exercise program.
Tip #1: Have a Big Focus!
The first tip to implement in your interval workout is to focus on the largest muscles in the body the most. The reason interval training is such a great workout is because of a technical process called Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC for short. This biological mechanism is how your body restores the energy to your muscles after a period of high intensity exercise. Because the larger muscles in your body have larger energy stores to begin with, they require more calories to restore them back to normal levels. When you burn calories, you shed pounds, and that is your goal!
So, instead of spending the bulk of your time working out muscles like your biceps and triceps, focus on the large muscle groups found in the lower body instead. Your quads are a great place to start, and exercises like squats use a tremendous amount of stored energy to accomplish. Therefore, to lose the largest number of pounds, use the biggest muscles in your body!
Tip #2: Stretch Out Your Sprint.
The second tip to take your weight loss efforts with interval training to the next level, is to stretch the time of your sprint intervals to the limit. The intensity of sprint intervals burns a tremendous amount of calories, and it also works to speed up your resting metabolism as well. That means, not only will you be burning more calories during your workout session itself, you’ll also burn more throughout the rest of the day too! Clearly, this approach will help you to lose weight quickly. Also, another key to losing the weight, is to make sure your sprint intervals are at maximum intensity. On a scale of 1 to 10, if you can consistently hit 10 during this phase of your interval workout, you will be well on the way to achieving your weight loss goals.
Tip #3: Shorten Your Intervals.
If you can’t push yourself for much longer at first, don’t despair. A third technique you can use instead, is to shorten the length of all intervals in your routine. Changing from low to high intensity exercise requires a massive shift in your body, and the more times you undergo this process during your workout, the more your body will change. When you constantly draw upon your body’s reserves in the way interval training demands, it begins to reduce its fat production and channel calories into energy for your muscles instead. So, if you can’t lengthen your sprint intervals right away, simply shorten your periods of rest instead.
Tip #4: Eat for Better Workouts!
This next tip may seem counter-intuitive, yet it works well. To enhance the impact of your interval workout, eat a meal before you step into the gym. For many years, it was thought that waiting to eat until after your training was complete burned more fat in the end. The reason for this, is because your insulin spikes when you eat, and this substance keeps your body from shedding fat. Yet, new studies suggest that eating before your workout is better, as a good meal will give you the energy to push your body harder in each set. …