Cool Biking Sunglasses That Also Protect Your Eyes

Cool Biking Sunglasses That Also Protect Your Eyes

If you’re just an avid biker you’ll need a good pair of biking sunglasses. You know that you have to protect your eyes from the sun when you ride and have good visibility for safety. Trying to bike without them could be dangerous, because you may not see obstacles in the road ahead of you, due to the varying light and shadow, and the glare. Because of that, you need a good pair of biking sunglasses. What characteristics should you look for when you buy a good pair of biking sunglasses, though?

It’s not all about looks. Some biking sunglasses may look “cool,” but you have to be careful, because that’s not the first thing you want to look for. Instead, focus on these characteristics:

Comfort is Essential

Make sure you don’t ignore even the slightest discomfort when you try sunglasses on. What’s a minor discomfort for a few minutes’ testing when you’re trying them out is going to become excruciating indeed when you have to wear them for several hours. Ideally, when you put the glasses on, you shouldn’t even be able to tell you’re wearing them because they fit so well. They shouldn’t pinch your nose or squeeze your temples too tightly either.

A Good Fit

The best sunglasses not only fit your face comfortably; they’ll also fit your head properly. Sunglasses of this type are definitely not “one size fits all,” or even “one brand fits all,” so try on several before you choose. You need the glasses to stay “in position” on your face well and not be too tight or too loose.

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All-Encompassing Eye Protection that Surrounds the Eye

Although you may think you don’t need wind protection in addition to sun protection, think again. If you’re going to be on your bike several hours at a time or even longer, it’s likely that windy weather is going to come up now and again. And indeed, even if you don’t have windy weather, you’re going to have wind blowing past your eyes at significant speeds while you’re biking. This can lead to dryness at the very least, and you can also get debris in your eye. All-encompassing eye protection that completely surrounds your eyes will protect you from both sun and wind, so that your eyes stay comfortable and healthy, in addition to having the glasses provide you better vision.

Good Lenses

Regardless of the sunglasses you get, you will want the lenses to have two characteristics. You’ll definitely want your sunglasses to have UV protection, and you’ll want them to be polarized. Polarized lenses cut down on glare so that you can see better. UV protection protects the health of your eyes from the sun’s damage due to exposure.

Remember, the most important things to look for are that the sunglasses fit properly as described above, and that they provide superior eye protection and better visibility, with the ability to cut down on glare. They should also provide UV protection, for the health of your eyes.