Correct Cycling Shoes Will Improve Your Performance

Correct Cycling Shoes Will Improve Your Performance

Selecting appropriate cycling shoes has become increasingly specialized. There are multiple pedal systems catering for different types of cycling, from road to mountain and triathlon biking. For those who ride at least 3 or more times per week, specific cycling shoes can improve your performance.

Choosing a biking shoe is determined by the type of pedals used on the bicycle. In the past, shoes were designed for traditional platform pedals, with hard leather soles fitted and metal cleats. The invention of Velcro-adjustable shoes followed the introduction of the clipless pedal.

Combined with a stiff-soled bike shoe, the clipless pedal is energy saving. The energy produced by your leg and foot goes to the pedal. Because the shoe is clipped into the pedal, you can pull more efficiently on your upstroke as your foot goes through the revolution of the crank.

The toe clip system allows the foot to bend which can result in a loss of energy when the power of your leg and foot is transferred to the pedal. The advantages of toe clips are that they cost less, and can be used with any shoe. They require very little maintenance.

Cycling shoes designed for clipless pedals have stiff soles. Mountain bike shoes are slightly more flexible because the shoes are needed for walking up steep terrain. If you’re a beginner at mountain biking, you may want to get a less stiff shoe because you’ll probably be walking more than riding!

Whether you use clipless or toe-clipped pedals, mountain biking shoes must have rough tread patterns which are perfect for scrambling up rugged slopes. Road bike cycling shoes don’t need much in the way of tread.

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When choosing a cycling shoe, make sure the sole is correct for the type of riding you do, and that the upper covering in easily washable. Fastenings should consist of 3 easily adjustable straps. Buy a shoe with a comfortable seamless interior. And buy a shoe with reflective markings if you. ‘re going to ride at night.