Cycling Glasses for Increased Safety While Riding Down the Hill

Cycling Glasses for Increased Safety While Riding Down the Hill

It is a treat to go out in a sunny day when the sun makes the day look so perfect. However, it is also a truth that bright sun can inflict havoc to your eyes and can cause disruption in your vision during your bike rides. Especially when you are riding in the mountains, possibility of hindrance in vision due to the sun rays increases manifold. Mountain bike helmets may not offer complete protection to eyes from bright sun rays.

A very bright sun can cause glares on the road, on any vehicle passing by, and even on your own bike. The glares can force you to squint and sometimes even close your eyes. This can be risky especially when you are riding in a crowded place or taking a tricky turn. Exposure to too much of sun can also cause permanent damage to your vision and can distract you from what’s happening in your surroundings. Due to all these reasons, a pair of high quality cycling glasses are a must have protection accessory while riding mountain bikes.

Cycling glasses are not only helpful while riding in the sun but they are also very helpful to protect your eyes in a windy day. If you are not wearing your mountain biking helmet in a windy day, there are chances of dirt and dust entering your eyes and giving you a tough time controlling your bike. Also, cycling glasses act as a shield to protect your eyes from debris, insects, or other unwanted particles floating in the air. Of course you will not want all these unwanted particles to affect your vision while you are riding downhill.

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Clearly, cycling glasses can prove to be a vital addition to your list of protection gears along with mountain bike helmets and pads. They ensure a comfortable and safer ride. A large variety of cycling glasses are available in the market these days. So, you can easily find one that is perfect for you. The kind of glasses you should select depends largely upon the vision requirements you have and of course your budget. In addition, you also need to check the compatibility of your mountain biking helmet with the glasses. If you use a full face mountain bike helmet, then it is wise to try both the items together before buying the cycling glasses. Also, make sure that the glasses fit your face well and do not slip when you are riding at high speed. After all, you will not want your favorite pair of glasses to fall down and get crushed in the hills.