Cycling Phuket: How to Best See Phuket on Two Wheels

Cycling Phuket: How to Best See Phuket on Two Wheels

While travelling long distances around Phuket is best done in the comfort of your own air-conditioned vehicle, there are also many options for a healthy energizing ride around the countryside under the power of your own two legs, and peddling a cycle in Phuket can be one of the most pleasant of experiences on the island. Not only does one get to see more of the land on bike, but you also get to meet more of the folks around Phuket, from street vendors to fellow cyclists. And not only that, bike rentals are very affordable from an increasing number of dealers renting bikes of all varieties, from tandems to mountain bikes to racing hill climbers.

To get started, all you need is a good set of sport shoes and lightweight shorts or pants, some sunscreen and your sunglasses. A water bottle is also highly recommended, as Phuket can wring the water from your body faster than if squeezed from a sponge. So grab yourself a map, and off you go!

If maps are not your thing, and you would rather go with a tour guide in the lead, there are many companies that offer tours just for you. For example, Easy Day Thailand is well known for its half day cycling tour called Phuket Country Side, where you will spend just a 1/2 day on small country roads and inside palm and rubber plantations, giving you an up-close view of the local flora and fauna of Phuket.

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These short tours are typically staffed by a guide, as well as a support vehicle that stays hidden behind your group – but is ready to help if you need assistance. The tours usually include mini-bus transfers to and from your hotel, the bike rental with helmet, lunch, and all the mineral water you can drink. All guides are fluent in English, so there won’t be any miscommunications along the way.

Another popular tour, which is a bit more strenuous, is the ride up to Thai Muang, where you will ride the north side of Phuket Island along deserted beaches and inside the national park. This 30K+ ride will take you to the Sea Turtle Sanctuary, as well as to a few secluded waterfalls that offer a refreshing cold shower in the middle of the hot ride. For a tour that combines an early morning / late evening boat ride out to a small sleepy island, try the Koh Yao Noi all-day bike tour, which will allow you to experience the pace of small island life along this charming Buddhist countryside. Small markets, rice paddies, fishing villages and monasteries abound, making this ride the perfect photo opt at every turn.

And if one day of riding is just not enough, folks like Easy Day Thailand also offer overnight biking tours, that allow you to see multiple provinces over 3 days, that include much more than off/on road cycling, and offer kayaking, trekking and cave exploration – in addition to all that peddling!