Does Exercising Have to Be Boring?

Does Exercising Have to Be Boring?

When you exercise, does a nagging voice keep repeating in your mind “Do I have to do this again? I don’t want to…” Exercising doesn’t have to be boring. It’s more than push ups and sit ups. You need to find a program that works best for you and your lifestyle.

What’s your fitness goal? Do you need to target specific areas of your body? Are you training for a special event? Are you looking for activities to keep you in shape for the long-term? Do you have a limited budget? Individual activities may require an initial expense, such as shoes and sportswear, and very little cost after that. Clubs may have ongoing membership fees and other monetary commitments. Once you determine your needs, motivation, likes and dislikes, and your budget, these questions become much easier to answer.

You may be the type that prefers individual sports and activities. Maybe you are self motivated and don’t need group interaction and support to keep you on your program. Or perhaps you find your schedule is such that committing to group or club activities on a regular basis will not work for you. In fact, you may have only a small block of time during the day and want an activity that you can do without a lot of preparation or clean up.

Exercise programs like running, cycling, aerobics, or walking have some initial equipment purchases but do not require expensive facilities or fees to continue. You can run and bike outdoors; aerobics and yoga can be performed in the convenience of your own living room while watching a video on TV; and you can walk outdoors, in the mall, or around your workplace. Dancing can be a part of regular social activities and events. Walking is great for people who have a short period to exercise with very little preparation or cool down time and the chance to get away from your regular activities can be a great psychological boost. Even isometric exercises can be done at your desk.

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If you like the camaraderie, meeting new people, or the commitment of a group to keep you going, then groups or clubs are for you. Some groups offer activities for a modest price. Athletic clubs and team sports may require fees for membership, use of equipment and facilities, and special events.

Athletic clubs have several advantages for some exercise programs. You can have the variety and quality of equipment and facilities as well as individual training for your program at a relatively low cost. Clubs also offer convenient access for classes in dance, aerobics, and spinning as well as special facilities for swimming and gymnastics.

If you need to strengthen certain areas of the body as part of a conditioning program or recovery from an injury, you can incorporate these exercises into the warm up or warm down periods within your regular exercise program. Within a very short time you may actually feel and see the benefits from these exercises in your overall program.

Many exercise activities can be done individually, in small groups, or as an organized event. For example, you can cycle on your own, as part of a family outing, or in a spinning class at the club. This offers the perfect opportunity to add variety to your program, accommodate your busy schedule, and help keep you motivated. These strategies will help you find an exercise program that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. More importantly, it will be a program that you like and want to continue.