Finding a Smile Which Feels Lost to Time

A smile says a lot about us. It obviously shows quite a bit about what we’re feeling at the moment. And we’re often drawn to a smile in a way that we can’t quite explain. But when we look at what a smile says it’s easier to see why we find them so attractive.

A smile obviously does state our feelings at a certain moment in time. But we often fail to consider the fact that it also predicts how we’ll feel at a later point. When you see a person with a wide healthy smile it’s likely that they’ll be smiling again in almost no time. The main reason comes down to health. Our teeth are one of the best signs of how well our health is holding up in the long term.

Some aspects of our health shift around a lot in the short term. For example, our skin can start to look somewhat sickly fairly early on in any major illness. And our eyes can start to look off even in the very first day of a flu. But our teeth and gums take quite a bit longer to succumb to illness.

Make no mistake too. Major illness usually does take a toll on our teeth and gums. The human body possesses a complex regulatory system. And if anything falls out of place in our body we’re usually going to see some consequences down the line. When our bodies fight a major ailment, we see things like salivary dysfunction. Not to mention that we’re less likely to keep up with proper dental hygiene.

The end effect is that when we see someone with a great smile it usually means that they’re healthy in the moment and will continue to be so for some time. It’s little wonder that we find that attractive. But it brings up an important question. What can we do about our smile if we have suffered some long-term damage to our teeth and gums?

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There are some ways to get around the issue. If it’s simply a matter of discoloration than teeth whitening will do. But more extreme cases require more extreme treatments. Consider a hypothetical case of a cancer survivor in Rochester. During his treatment he wasn’t exactly keen on brushing his teeth all the time. And with lack of salivation he wound up losing a few teeth. He’s not sure what to go for at first until he’s directed to look for a dentist that does dental implants rochester mn in his area.

And in doing so he essentially finds a fix for his problem. His gums are now fully healed up, it’s just that the teeth are missing. This means that the gums and jaw have enough strength to hold an implant. And this in turn means that he’ll be able to support an artificial tooth. The artificial tooth not only looks like a natural tooth, it also functions as one. This means that one can chew with it. And there’s no need to take it out at night. And this gives our hypothetical friend a whole new chance to smile again.