Fitness and Training Programs For Distinct Weather Elements

Fitness and Training Programs For Distinct Weather Elements

The weather cycle is not to be taken forgranted during a body building program. Rather it should be factored in the program in a way that enhances the gains accrued from such a program.

Weather elements like temperature, rain, humidity and the like are key factors which determine the success of a body building program. If for example you have planned for a jog in the nearby park and the day becomes very chilly or ice layers cover the ground to the brim, you can not continue as planned. It would be foolhardy to go running in the rain all in the name of maintaining a workout schedule. Resultant health concerns and or consequences of such an action would prove more costly than beneficial in the long run.

It’s of no use to keep an appointment written in a body building schedule for one day only to spend the following two weeks in bed with flu. The same is true about sunny days. There are those days when the temperatures are too hot to workout effectively. Extremely high temperatures make the body sweat a lot and even dehydrate if the body builder insists on doing set upon set of demanding exercises without adequately replenishing the lost body water content.

As such high temperatures will require a body builder to adjust the workout program to ensure that exercises are done under a shade, with adequate water supply. The clothes worn during a workout in a hot day will also differ with those worn on a chilly day. If exercises are done indoors, weather elements might not be very relevant except when they go to the extreme. But if the exercises are usually done outdoors, the training program will usually suffer interruptions from the elements and this might actually hinder the gains accrued from such a program.

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In another level, the body reacts differently to the weather conditions within the immediate environment. At times, like when it is cold, the body feels very comfortable while undertaking intensive workouts because essentially, that is what it would rather be doing to keep warm. But the opposite happens on hot days. Research has established that, most people miss out on exercises or absentee themselves from the gym during hot afternoon sessions. Body builders should therefore learn about this fact, and allow the body to assume less intensive exercises while the body feels more bored and lazy.

How are all these variations important to a body builder? Their relevance comes in fixing up a training schedule and set up of a routine rota. Exercises can be altered to factor in weather elements and readjusted back to normal once severe weather days have passed. The workout sessions can also be alternated in time of day to ensure that the efficiency of the workout is not compromised. Instead of waiting to go to the gym in very hot temperatures, the body builder can opt to go to the gym the first thing in the morning, when the temperatures are low and cordial.

The idea is to work with not against the weather. Alter the training program to feature distinct weather elements that might compromise the efficiency of the workout.