Fulfilling Your Dreams

Fulfilling Your Dreams

I just retired after eighteen years in the forces and I had the opportunity to do something that I have always had as a dream. Lots of other men in my position get jobs as truck drivers or in security firms, but I didn’t want to do that, I wanted something more active and more entrepreneurial. I wanted to open up my own gym.

I was quite involved in the army’s body building and iron man competitions and I knew that this was my passion. I used my pay off and part of my pension to buy an old industrial unit and set about painting it and getting it ready. I even built a sauna and an ice bath.

After three months of hard work the unit was beginning to look like a gym – all the equipment was in, the painting was done, the changing rooms and showers were installed but I hadn’t thought much beyond that infrastructure. I hadn’t thought about a drinks machine or a fridge, I hadn’t thought about the point of sale items such as body building supplements.

In the forces I had dabbled with sports supplements, but I never stuck to one brand and I’d often go for months without taking any muscle supplements at all. But with the training I was doing I could afford to. Also the army diet was very heavy on protein anyway. But I realised that if I was opening a gym I needed to sell body building supplements.

I opened the gym and during the first month I talked to all the serious body builders to find out what bodybuilding supplements they use. I had done a lot of research and had product samples sent over to the gym.

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I now sell a wide range of body building supplements, including Met-rx and Sci-Mentor. My customers love it – especially the Met-rx Big Bars 100 – they are just like a big, manly chocolate bar packed with nutrients. Selling big branded supplements has made the gym look more professional and I am happy to endorse any product that promotes the body’s well being.


In the army I didn’t need to use too many body building supplements, but now that I am taking this a little more seriously I do. I figured that if I find products that I want to use, other people will want to use them too, that’s why I sell body building supplements from my gym.