Gear Up For Ice Biking

Gear Up For Ice Biking

Cycling is an incredibly popular sport. However, when the weather drops below the comfortable cool, the “cycling season” starts to cease. For some people, winter is not a good time to carry their bikes around town. But for a few enlightened ones, winter is the best time to go cycling. They call it winter cycling, or better yet, ICE BIKING.

Winter cycling is worthy to be included in the extreme sports category. It exposes the cyclist to different obstacles; the glacial temperature, blasts of freezing air, risky trail covered often with ice, and even the cruel heat of the sun on some days.

This sport or hobby is not as dangerous as it sounds. Cyclists still need to be cautious when riding up and the down the icy slopes. Plain accidents might happen like crashing down in the pile of white snow but nothing more than that. It usually causes minor injuries like a simple sprain or bruise. Road rash is quite unpopular with ice biking.

For those who have heard of ice biking for the first time, the most crucial part is knowing what to wear. Every ice biker’s dilemma is their outfit for the ride. You cannot look like an average biker since winter cycling is not an average sport.

Winter tights are best for this sport. Your ratty jeans can’t leave you comfortable for the ride since once it’ll get soaked, you’ll be in deep chilly trouble. Special waterproof jackets made from breathable fabrics are also needed to keep you warm. It is very important to stay dry. Staying dry means keeping yourself warm.

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During your cycling adventure, when the weather’s too cold to handle, the first thing that gives in is your hands. Therefore, gloves are compulsory for ice bikers. A pair that is fitted perfectly to your hands is preferred so that raindrops or melted snow can’t touch the skin surface.

Another problematic area in winter biking is the shoes. Only few brands sell cycling shoes warm enough for the winter season. Plus, these shoes are very pricey. You should choose shoes that can allow you to use thick socks and those that can promote a better blood circulation. Moreover, it is essential to keep your lower extremities dry. Padding might help warm them up. Always think that your feet are the most vital part in cycling, particularly in ice biking.

When winter comes, be ready to grab your bikes and go for a ride.