Good Biking Exercises Part 1

Good Biking Exercises Part 1

Take a look and try doing the following biking exercises. They sure will make you more powerful and help you endure long cycling rides in your best cycling jerseys.

The boat pose is a good exercise for your lower back and transverse abdominus. Doing this exercise will help you endure long hours on the handlebars while pedaling your way in your best cycling jerseys. You can overcome steep hills with both power and speed. To do this exercise, sit and rest both your hands lightly behind you. Then, lean back at an angle of 45 degrees. Be sure to keep your legs together then lift them to the floor. While doing this, slowly extend your arms up to the height of your shoulders. Bend your knees a little whenever your hamstrings are already tight. Hold your position every sixty seconds.

Another great routine for your transverse abdominus is the plank exercise. Moreover, it also helps develop your lower and upper back. This exercise will help you build muscular endurance and strength. Having both will help you ride with power in drops and help you survive aerodynamic positions to keep you on the lead on your suitable cycling jerseys. To do this exercise, you must lie on your stomach. Then, place your elbows under your shoulders with your hands and forearms on the floor. Carefully lift your hips on the floor while keeping your abs tight and your back straight. Rest on your toes and maintain position for 60 seconds.

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To develop your entire core, do the catapult exercise. Doing this exercise will gain you bodily control in traversing difficult trails with your cycling jerseys. It is very useful whenever you cycle in dirt and rocky paths. Start your exercise in sitting with slight bended knees. Then, press you heels against the floor and extend your arms to the front, palms facing each other up to your shoulders. Inhale deeply while gazing upward with a straight spine and exhale deeply in five counts as you lower your torso to the floor.

Finally, the hip extension is designed to build your buttocks, lower back and hamstrings. This will help you gain higher efficiency on the second half of pedaling with your best cycling jerseys. Position yourself to lie with your stomach and hips forming a stability ball. Then put your hands on the floor and extend your legs in a way that your toes rest on the floor. Maintain a straight spine and shoulder blades while lifting your legs off the floor. Hold your legs on the air for two seconds and try doing 20 or more repetitions.