How Cycling Benefits The Whole Family, Not To Mention The Planet

How Cycling Benefits The Whole Family, Not To Mention The Planet

Cycling for fitness has become extremely popular in recent years, people are realising how cycling benefits them in many ways. Apart from the obvious health benefits, there is the green issue – many people now choose the eco-friendly bicycle to commute rather than use their cars. It’s cheaper, healthier and, in some cases can be a lot quicker. (A report from the U.K. showed that rush-hour traffic in central London now averages a slower speed than the horse-drawn carriages of old).

A recent study revealed that just a small amount of cycling can help improve your overall fitness is so beneficial that making short trips, to the store or visiting a neighbour etc., can significantly improve your aerobic fitness in only a few weeks.

Cycling benefits your health in many ways –

It is a great way to burn off excess calories, resulting in fat loss and, therefore, weight loss – a couple of good side-effects! One hour cycling burns up about three hundred calories; two half-hour bike rides a day, over the course of a week will burn off more than two thousand calories!!

It helps build strength, it is akin to swimming in that you use every part of your body, not just your legs. As the method of propulsion, your legs will get the most benefit, however there will be some benefit to your upper body.

It is an effective way to build stamina. Most of us find riding a bike more enjoyable than, say, long-distance running and going a bit farther each time becomes almost subliminal. As you gradually ride farther and farther each time you`ll most likely not notice the extra distance you’re travelling.

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Cycling helps keep your heartbeat regular – which makes it a good cardio-vascular exercise. It also helps to regulate blood pressure, which in turn helps lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes. This, in turn, can help reduce stress levels.

Socially, it’s a good opportunity to spend time with family and friends, this in itself can help alleviate any stress built up in our daily lives. Cycling benefits people of all ages, from the very young to the very old and everyone in between. A lot of families, these days, are looking for enjoyable ways to stay in shape together, cycling may be the solution.

Children look upon riding their bikes as fun, rather than exercise. This makes it easy for parents to get the kids exercising without getting bored, while also spending quality time with them. When you realise how much cycling benefits your overall exercise regime, you may want to step up a gear.

A good cycle training programme will take it to the next level, whether you are a beginner, serious amateur, or professional cyclist. Having a proper regime in place, and rigidly sticking to it, is essential to your continued improvement and enjoyment of the sport. Get a programme that is tailored to your personal requirements and, who knows? Next year – Tour de France.

To your cycling success.