Indoor Cycling Routines – How to Get the Most From Your Workout

Indoor Cycling Routines – How to Get the Most From Your Workout

If you like to cycle indoors, whether by a group cycling class or on a stationary bike, one thing is certain. You are the only one in charge of your workout. No matter what encouraging and motivational words the instructor may be saying, you are the one responsible for making the effort. Here’s how to get the most from your indoor cycling routines…

Vary Your Workouts

One of the most common complaints about indoor cycling is the boredom factor. Undoubtedly, simply peddling a bike at the same pace would put anyone to sleep! Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

The key to getting fit, really fit, is to continually challenge your muscles and cardiovascular capacity. In terms of indoor cycling, that means shaking up your workouts at least every two weeks. If you’re frustrated with your progress, it’s a good sign you need to vary your workout.

Many indoor bikes, particularly at health clubs, are programmable. Try a different program every two weeks. For example, do a fat burning workout for half the month and switch to an interval program for the last half. You will be less likely to get bored and your results will undoubtedly be better.

Join An Indoor Cycling Class

Group settings always spur on motivation. It’s not so much from a sense of competition, but rather a sense of “we’re all in this together” during class.

In addition, joining a class puts you on a schedule. Consider this an appointment with yourself, time spent on you and you alone, with you reaping the benefits. It is more likely you will commit to fitness if you carve out a set time period.

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Another important factor is the cycling instructor. A good instructor will make all the difference in your motivation and effort level. These instructors go through a challenging and rather thorough certification process, so they are well versed in proper technique. The class routines are frequently changed, keeping things fresh and interesting. Plus, the music puts a spring in your step and helps you push toward your fitness goals.


There are a few easy methods to ensure you’re getting the most from your indoor cycling workouts. Changing your workouts to alleviate boredom is perhaps the most important. But for an extra motivational boost, consider attending an indoor cycling class. The group setting will help boost your enthusiasm and provide you a specific time and place to exercise. Your results will improve and you’ll be much more likely to stick with your fitness program.