Look Mom, No Hands – Cycling Accidents – How to Prevent Them

Look Mom, No Hands – Cycling Accidents – How to Prevent Them

Cycling accidents are something that every cycling enthusiast has to be aware of. It is true that such accidents can be prevented if you obey some basic rules on the road but you also have to remember that something like that can happen to you. It happens to other cyclists every day.

Precautions are very important and it applies to all users of the roads: drivers, bikers and cyclists. When as a cyclist you have practically no protection you should be even more careful – for you the accident can be rather severe as you are not protected by the body of a car or protective clothing. This is especially a problem when you are training to increase your speed and cycle faster than a regular cyclist.

Safe cycling rules:

Make sure that all your gear is in perfect condition – especially the brakes. Also remember that you are expected to have working lights on the front of your bike as well as at the rear. You should also pay special attention to the condition of your tires, this can be crucial on wet surfaces such as wet tarmac or wet leaves. Old and worn out tires cannot give you the provide support and grip.

Always obey all the traffic signs – road rules apply to cyclists in the same way they apply to drivers and pedestrians.

Do not hitch to other vehicles – this is a strictly prohibited activity. In this way you can achieve speed that your bike was not made for. It is easy to lose your balance when you are cycling fast.

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Always ride with both hands on the handlebar

Of course no law or regulation can guarantee you a safe ride. They can point out the dangers that you can come across but it is you who has to stay alert.