Me and My Pink Bike

Me and My Pink Bike

I love going to road cycling matches. Being the only girl in the family among five siblings I grew up and was influenced by my father and brother’s passion for cycling. When I was little, while my brother are playing with their bicycles and wearing their road cycling shoes I was watching them while playing house with my doll. Back then I was wondering why they were so happy playing and all. I was curious but I never bothered joining them.

Moreover, every time we go to the mall to buy some clothing, toys, and whatnot we always drop by the cycling shop and my father and brothers would check out the latest cycling shoes. I didn’t mind because we would also drop by the toy shop and mom would let me choose all the girl toys and dress that I want. Going home after shopping is such a joy as we couldn’t resist talking about the stuff mom and dad bought for us. My brothers would tease me and make fun of me.

Thing started to change when I went to junior high school. That time our family relocated to another town because of my dad’s work. We lived in the suburb and the school was just three blocks away from our home. My brothers would just ride their bicycles to go to school. It was then that I asked them if they could teach me how to ride a bike. Doing so, I will be able to go to school without having to rely too much on my dad and brothers, besides, I wasn’t getting any younger. On weekends they would let me use their bikes and mom brought me my own cycling shoes.

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The moment I learned how to ride a bike on my own it was very fulfilling. No wonder why my brothers and my dad enjoy road cycling so much. It wasn’t long before I got my own bicycle (and yes, it’s pink). I would join my brothers in their road cycling activity around the area and every time we go to school. All those times, I am wearing my cycling shoes and I just can’t believe how comfortable they are.

My friends in school were also surprised when they saw me joined the local road cycling tournament. I joined the competition with my brothers in my pink road cycling shoes and jersey. It wasn’t a big competition but it allowed me to show what I am capable of in cycling and of course meeting new people.