Men Cycling Shoes – 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Pair

Men Cycling Shoes – 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Pair

Cycling is a great activity, it keeps you fit, it can save you gas money, it is environmentally friendly and its super duper fun. Buying men cycling shoes isn’t for everyone and many can get by with just a pair of comfortable running shoes.A�

That being said if you are a cyclist looking to take your performance to the next level then getting specialized shoes is something you should definitely consider. Performance shoes will provide you with a better work out and better bike handling. This article equips you with the basic knowledge you need to know in order to buy the right shoes.

1. What’s so great about cycling shoes?

A specialized shoe will improve your efficiency because they clip onto performance cycling pedals allowing you to pull them up as well as push down. They are not a necessity for the casual cyclist who cycles less than 5 miles, or less than three times a week, but for the performance driven cyclist they are essential.

2. Price range of cycling shoes:

These performance shoes can cost anywhere from $50 – $500 depending on brand and quality but most cyclists can get away with paying $50 to $150 for their shoes.

3. Women’s cycling shoes vs men’s cycling Shoes

Men’s shoes are not just bigger than women shoes, women’s feet tend to have higher arches, narrower heels, and smaller first toes. These differences in anatomy are crucial so making sure you purchase a shoe designed to fit your gender’s anatomy.

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4. Two main types of cycling shoes?

Mountain cycling shoes: these shoes have recessed cleats and a flexible sole, thus making them easier to walk in than road cycling shoes. They are a better fit for the casual rider, the commute rider and the mountain biker where you may need to get off your bike to walk or carry your bike over an obstacle.

Road cycling shoes: the cleats on these type of shoes are not recessed they are instead attached to the out-sole of the shoe, they are also much stiffer than mountain shoes making them harder to walk in. These road shoes are for cyclists who strive for performance.

5. Clip-less pedal system (shoes built for high performance cycling)

Clip-less pedals are cycling pedals that have a cleat that screws into the sole of your cycling shoe. The cleats are always supplied with the pedal not with the shoe this is because they must be completely compatible with the pedal so that they can be engaged and disengaged safely. It is essential that your pedals, cleats, and shoes fit together to work as a system.

6. The two types of clip-less pedals functionalities

The 2-hole system (also known as the SPD system):This system has a smaller cleat size which allows for a solid connection to the pedal.A� In this system the cleats are recessed into the shoe’s sole which makes it more comfortable to walk around in.

The 3-hole system (also known as the look-style system): This system is the best system there is in terms of stiffness, stability and energy transfer when it comes to cycling. The con to the 3-hole system’s shoes is that it makes it difficult to walk comfortably and normally.

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7. Last but not least, the most important component in finding the right shoes is its fit and its comfort, if you are not comfortable your efficiency will suffer. So try on different pairs to find out which is your best fit.