Preventing Cycling Accidents: Share the Road With Autos

Preventing Cycling Accidents: Share the Road With Autos

Riding bicycles is plenty of fun, plus it is a great way to save money on your commute, or to get fit without spending hundreds of pounds on gym membership. Unfortunately, cyclists are subject to some frightening accidents. Here are some ways to ensure your healthy habit of riding your bicycle actually keeps you safe, instead of causing injury or death.

Watch Out For Surface Problems

Problems that stem from surfaces can vary, depending on what type of bicycle you are riding. If you are riding a road bike, stick to smooth, well paved surfaces that are free of pot holes and gravel. If you ride a mountain bike or all purpose bicycles, watch out for these same types of problems, but understand practising your riding skills can help keep you upright in the same situation that would likely knock a road bike down.

Keep Your Bicycle Well Maintained

One reason cycling is so popular is because it is such an inexpensive way to get exercise and commute to and from work. Maintain your tyres and wheels, and watch that all nuts and bolts stay tight. Ride a bike that is the right size for you, and be sure it is equipped with reflectors, lights in case you end up out during hours of darkness, and a high quality horn or bell so you can alert others to your presence. If you carry anything with your bicycle, be certain you do so properly. Keep baskets out of the way of reflectors, and don’t let anything impede your ability to break, change gear, or get off your bike quickly in case of emergency.

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Share the Road with Cars

Cars, Lorries, motorcycles, and bicycles need to share the road. As a cyclist, it is up to you to follow all traffic laws. Do not run through intersections that are closed to traffic, as you place yourself at risk of being hit by oncoming traffic. Use appropriate signals to let others know which direction you are going. Make yourself highly visible, especially if you travel at dawn or dusk, or during hours of darkness – and be sure you are very visible to drivers.

Prevent yourself from being hit, since an accident involving an auto and a bicycle is almost always quite horrific. Just like people who drive cars, you should not do anything that distracts you from riding safely. Don’t chat on your mobile phone as you ride, and be sure you pay attention to everything that is happening around you.

What to Do if You Are Hit by an Automobile

Be sure you wear a helmet when you ride, and be sure it fits you properly. This is your first line of defence, and it will help you stay conscious so you know what is happening in the event you are hit by a car.

Take a good look at the car that hit you, and remember as much as you can. Recall the colour, make and model of the car, as well as the number plate. Try to get a look at the driver.

Be sure help is on the way, and convince any witnesses to stay with you until the Police and Ambulance arrive. Lastly, contact a solicitor who has experience in the area of automobile accidents involving cars and cyclists. Protect your rights by calling right away.

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