SIDI Cycling Shoes – For An Exclusive Cycling Experience

SIDI Cycling Shoes – For An Exclusive Cycling Experience

SIDI is one such shoe manufacturing company that has been in the business for more than 50 years. For all these years, this company has been manufacturing durable, reliable, aerodynamically designed and comfortable cycling shoes for the buyers from around the world. Market analysts state that there is very stiff competition among the sports shoe manufacturing companies as it is already a highly saturated industry. In spite of being a part of such high competition, SIDI has continued to win the hearts of thousands of athletes and sports enthusiasts by providing them with handmade Italian cycling shoes, motorcycle shoes, indoor spinning shoes, mountain bike and triathlon footwear.

Currently, large number of professional cyclists from around the globe prefer wearing SIDI cycling shoes not only because of the superb designs and style but also for the assurance of comfort and safety that it provides to them. With this footwear on, cyclists get the assurance of better performance and support which is very important to win any competition. The technical department staff of this worthy company keeps on researching about various new materials and constantly try to upgrade the designs, which has helped them to deliver products according to their customers’ preferences and needs.

Since its advent in the year 1960, it has been successful in maintaining its standards, as it has always provided the cyclists with quality products. One of the primary features that is behind the immense success of these shoes is the incorporation of state of art technology in its manufacturing procedure; this has not only made the devices durable, reliable and comfortable but affordable too. These shoes feature an array of classy features like the incorporation of patented Techno II buckles which is responsible for offering the wearer with the much desirable supplest fit. The Heel Security system that it has prevent the heel of the wearer from getting lift up, which may otherwise cause hindrance and discomfort and can affect the quality of their performance.

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The Genious 5 Pro Road series by SIDI is one of its most ultra tech designs upgraded by the inclusion of Millennium 3 nylon/carbon made sole. This series is a later edition of the highly Pro series that is remarkably famous because of the Velcro straps ensuring the very useful security locking system. Two of the other models that have good demand is Genius with 0.5% Carbon Composite and the other one is Genius 6.6 Carbon Road shoes. These models are simply perfect, whether you consider their design, quality or the level of safety that they provide to every fellow cyclist.