Stopping DHT By Using Blockers

DHT is short for dihydrotestosterone. This is a male sex hormone that causes male baldness in genetically susceptible men. Most dht blockers are used to keep DHT from binding and causing baldness.

How Does DHT Work?

DHT is made form testosterone and it is what is needed to maintain the deep voice, facial hair, and muscles. Testosterone is converted to DHT to help 5-alpha-reductase, which is an enzyme that is in the oil glands of your hair. If you have the genetics for male baldness, then DHT causes your hair follicles to shrink and it stops hair growth all together. The good news is if you can catch this early, then you will keep more hair.

What Are The Blockers?

The blockers are available in several items but only one is proven to work and help keep hair. The blockers you can try to block the DHT is in shampoos, green tea, pumpkin seed oil, say palmetto, pygeum and emu oil. The one that is proven to work is a prescription called Finasteride that will stop you from producing DHT all together.
Does the blockers work?

The prescription Finasteride does work and helps keep the hair that you already have. It has also helped some peoples hair start to grow back after continuous use of the medicine for a year to two years.
Side effects of blockers

The side effects that the blockers can have on a man is loss of sex drive, ejaculation problems, tender breast area, rash, pain in testicles, and increase hepatic enzymes. Some other side effects depending on medicine is redness and flaky scalp, different feel to new hair, increase in facial hair, losing more hair, itchy eyes, headaches and acne.

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DHT affects a lot of the population and sometimes it is not just men that it affects. This issue can affect women too. There is a lot of things to think about when facing the issue of baldness. There are ways to deal with it besides medicine but that is the only proven way that works to help with losing your hair. Sometimes you have to weight the benefits of the medicine versus the side effects that can happen from the medicine. Blockers work in ways that helps the body that is genetically set to have baldness occur because of DHT. When looking to see if you need something to help with your baldness that is happening, you have to find out if it is because of DHT or because of something else. Men do not like losing their hair and if there is a reason why they are losing it that can be fixed, then why not provide them with a way to stop it and get some of their hair back. When you can stop DHT from forming, then your hair will stop falling out and will be healthier and start to grow back. Blockers are important to help keep DHT under control in some people because they are overactive and can cause severe baldness.