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Pick The Gender Of Your Baby

Have you ever thought it was possible to pick the gender of your next child? Well I have done some reading on this very subject and I firmly believe that it’s is not only possible but it can be done with such a high rate of success that anyone wanting to do something like this should feel very comfortable knowing that the time of old wives tales and grandma’s super secret family methods are a way of the past.

I read about this young lady named Ashley and her story convinced me that something that was nearly impossible to do is now common place. Just think, You want to have another child, you already have two children and both are boys. You really want to have another child but you would sure like it to be that little girl you always wanted.

For generations people have had all kinds of crazy ways to try to conceive the child of their choice but the odds have always been 50/50. With what I have discovered it is now safe, natural and with a success rate of over 98%.

there are plenty of medical professionals who are experts in this field and they use several types of methods such as the Shettles method the Erriccson method and the Dr. Jonas Method. And many have used the Microsorting method. Most of these methods get no where near the successes rate that I have read about.

From what I can understand there are several steps you need to follow in order to achieve succsess but can you imagine being able to be able to have that little girl and know your going to have a little girl before conception? That’s pretty amazing to me pretty amazing to me.

I never thought something like this was possibleI have 3 girls and I love them very much but I wonder if I knew about this sooner I just might have a little Elmo walking around!!…