The Benefits of Riding a Bicycle to Work

The Benefits of Riding a Bicycle to Work

To most people it may be obvious what benefits you get from riding your bike to work. You get exercise, save money on gas, and you put less wear and tear on your car. But what most people don’t understand are the underlying benefits each one of those has on your life.

Riding you bike to work is obviously beneficial because of the exercise you will be getting. But what the true benefits come in the form of losing weight, becoming healthier, stronger leg muscles, more energy, and a possibility of a longer life. Riding your bike to work lets you live a healthier lifestyle because you burn calories as you ride which leads to weight loss. When you lose weight your heart is not working as hard to pump blood throughout your body. You limit the rise of heart attack, blood clots, becoming diabetic, stroke, cancer, and many other obesity related diseases and risks. This gives you a chance at a longer life as well as a better quality of life. Once you begin to lose weight you will start feeling more energetic and endorphins that are released in your body will give you a sense of satisfaction and leave you feeling well.

Not only do you get exercise but you will save money on gas. Gas for your vehicle can get very expensive after a while, even if you only work 5 miles from home. At 10 miles a day, round trip, you would be driving 200 miles a month! With today’s economy cutting back 200 miles of gas would help out a lot of people financially. Keep in mind that is also 200 miles a month of wear and tear on your car as well. More use on your tires, and 200 miles closer to your next oil change. Riding your bike to work can not only save you gas money but it can save you in other automobile expenses.

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There are a lot of benefits of riding your bike to work but you need to be aware of the risks involved too. You run the risk of getting in a bicycle accident and wearing a helmet is always advised. Be careful of drivers and make sure they see you before you enter a crosswalk or come up to an intersection. As long as you are safe cycling to work can have a very positive impact on your life.