The Importance of Cycle Shelters

The Importance of Cycle Shelters

Cycle shelters are ideal for those who ride their bicycles places to keep them safe and dry. As the Government encourages people to stop using their car for short journeys then riding their bike is not only healthy but it saves the environment too. If there are more cycle shelters around, there will be more riders on the road and less cars, so congestion in the UK will also be helped.

When it comes to commuting and travelling around your hometown, there are many journeys that we make where driving a car is both expensive to run and bad for the environment. It’s not just the Government that encourages us to leave the car at home and get out on your bicycle, but your wallet should too, with the dramatic rise in fuel costs of late. Riding your bike to the shops or to work will normally mean you need somewhere to park it and that’s why there is an increase in cycle shelters everywhere.

If you have a commercial property, it’s important to understand that not everyone needs a car parking space but would welcome the introduction of cycle shelters. They don’t take up much room but they provide an excellent service for those that ride their bikes. They can be locked up and kept dry from the rain as there is a polycarbonate or glass-fibre cover over where the bikes are kept.

No matter what the weather conditions are, people will ride their bicycle as it keeps them fit, it stops there being so much congestion and makes it easier to park in the city centres, workplaces and other public places. If you’re looking to buy cycle shelters to further encourage people to leave their car at home and get out on their bike then there are many different types.

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From different colours, sizes, capacity and materials, cycle shelters need to be robust, look good and be adequate for the amount of people that will use them. Being made from plastic, you can move the cycle shelter around depending on where it suits you best. Many cycle shelters have clear sides so that visibility is good and this can make it safer for those leaving their bikes unattended. Of course, it’s possible to incorporate bicycle locks and anchors to fix the lock to it so that each bike can have its own space.

Whether you want to buy cycle shelters for your garden so the family can have a parking space for their bikes or you are encouraging your workplace to buy one, or you run your own business and are looking for somewhere safe for your staff to park their bikes, then you can take a look online for different cycle sheds that will suit you needs. You can choose fixed sides, lockable cycle shelters or open ones that only have a roof; it all depends on your needs.


As long as there are more cycle shelters in towns and cities as well as workplaces, then more people will feel compelled to ride their bikes to work and for short journeys. As fuel prices rise and more people are feeling the pinch of the recession, there are more people using their bikes to commute and therefore need somewhere to store their bicycle.