Understanding Cyclocross Bicycles And Their Advantages

Understanding Cyclocross Bicycles And Their Advantages

Cyclocross bicycles are specially manufactured to overcome the rigors in a cyclocross race. They usually look like the racing bicycles which are often used for road races. The only difference that one can spot between the two bicycles is the frame design and also the wider clearances that the cyclocross bicycle bears to provide complete protection to the wheel and also avoid accumulation of mud and dirt. These bicycles are manufactured with special materials in order to provide the rider stability, rigidity and easy handling of the vehicle.

As the rider tends to lift their cyclocross bicycles for about 30 times in a 60 min race, the need for lightweight materials plays a vital role. Frames which were manufactured from aluminum were very popular until they became the common material for a bicycle that became a commonplace on the road. The latest technology has helped develop many such materials which provide lightweight to the bicycle frame maintaining the strength and rigidity. One such invention is carbon fiber. All the cyclocross bicycle frames are now manufactured with carbon fiber which has greatly reduced the total weight of the bicycle.

Cyclocross bicycles have a wider clearance for wider tires and also to prevent the accumulation of mud and dirt by the tires. The wheelbase of the bicycle is also much larger than the regular bicycle found on the road. This option has provided the rider to have more stable control while cycling on a rough terrain. Apart from this, the larger wheelbase also helps the rider to avoid contacting front wheel to their feet during a tight turn. Depending upon the requirement and the racing specifications, a rider can opt for various accessories that are present in order to enhance their cycling experience.

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One can choose from a simple cyclocross bicycles without any gears such as single speed bicycles. These bicycles have mechanical advantage during muddy conditions were lower speed is required to continue the cycling activity. These bicycles are equipped with traditional cantilever braking system. Native compatibility and the brake pad to rim clearance which is necessary to reduce the drag affect are the two main factors were installation of traditional center pull cantilever braking system. Recently there has been a modification to the braking system where mini V-brakes were introduced which matched to the standard of drop-bar brake lever system.

Cyclocross bicycles have wide variety of tire choices to choose from. It is very important for the rider to choose the appropriate tire which will help them go through the cyclocross racing. Tubular tires are still in demand due to their advantage of working condition even at reduced pressures. Low pressures are generally preferred for cyclocross racing as there will be an increase in traction control on soft surfaces due to larger contact patch area. These bicycles are manufactured according to the specifications laid out by the cyclocross racing department. There has been a tremendous increase in number of people who are now willing to participate in a cyclocross race.