What Are the Different Kinds of Biking?

What Are the Different Kinds of Biking?

Biking enthusiasts have split the sport into nine different types. All of these categories have their own unique characteristics. They are:

1. BMX

BMX biking requires that the bikes use 20 inch may be familiar with BMX bikes from their popularity at skate parks and with those doing tricks. BMX bikes are easier to do stunts and tricks with because they’ve got those small wheels, along with short wheel-bases.

2. X-country

If you’re riding up and down a bunch of hills for long distances, then you’re doing cross-country. While this is found to be boring to some mountain bikers, cross county bikers are among the fittest individuals on the planet.

3. Cyclo cross

When mountain biking got married to road cycling, its baby was cyclo-crossing. Cyclo-crossers traverse both on-road and off-road obstacles such as rivers and jumps and the like.

4. Dirt Jumpers

You may have seen dirt jumpers on television: there the ones speeding down a slope, then flying up a big dirt mound and doing tricks while they’re flying. There are also courses with mounds bunched together in quick succession that gives me a back ache just thinking about it.

5. The Downhill

Downhill biking is similar to downhill skiing. It’s basically a ride down a steep hill going as fast as you can. This both extremely thrilling and extremely dangerous-thrill seekers apply here.

6. C’mon and Take A Free Ride

For those into self-expression, free-riding is for you. Free-riders find the best line down a mountain or hill, and just do what they feel.

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7. Single speed

Single speed biking is basically cross country skiing with one gear, like what many of us had as our first bike when we were kids. Single speeders follow the KISS rule-Keep It Simple Stu-uh, Sally. The simplicity of a single gear gives a straight chain for efficiency in pedaling, as well as less components that can break down, and a bike that is less heavy.

8. Urban Street Bikes

Urban street bikers make use of man-made architecture if the performance of tricks and stunts. Such obstacles include stairs and railings and other man-made artifices. Stalls and grinds are some of the many tricks and stunts that urban bikers will perform.

9. Trail Riding

Trail riding is also technically considered mountain biking, though you could get away with any bike to do it. The bikes typically have smaller frames which are lower and use 20 inch wheels, sometimes 26 inches. These trail riders are the suburban or country counterparts to urban street bikers, doing tricks and jumps over such obstacles as trees stumps and rock walls.

10. Urban Commuters

New on the scale is the urban commuter crowd. Urban commuters generally consider themselves to be ‘green’, and are trying to avoid contributing to carbon dioxide emissions by saving gasoline. They also may be trying to just get into better physical shape. Their weapon of choice is the folding bike. Urban residents tend to live in small apartments where space is as a premium, and folding bikes easily pack up and can be stored in a closet or behind the couch, and can easily fit on a subway train as well. Folding bikes tend to be light and durable, and good ones can be folded up in about 15 seconds.

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