What to Bring When Cycling Long Distance

What to Bring When Cycling Long Distance

You might ask this question. What should you bring when you go cycling? To some, this is a big question. For professional cyclists, they do not want to burden themselves with an array of tools and equipments when cycling to reduce weight and increase performance. But what if you are cycling in a touring mode? You need to stop at multiple places to rest now and then. Therefore, you would be more prepared when you cycle.

Bottle cages

You need to drink water now and then. Don’t tell me you can cycle all day without drinking water? You could place a 500 or 750ml water bottle underneath the long tube while you cycle.

Bicycle pump

This pump will be small enough for you to place it on the bike itself. This type of pump is so light that you would not notice the difference cycling with it. However, make sure you have bought the right type of pump for your tire valves. There are the ‘presta’ and ‘shrader’ valve types.


What is this for? It is primarily for your bicycle chain. You would not want a dry and noisy chain every time you cycle. You will find that there are so many types of lubricants, ranging from dry to wet and lubricants with wax and so on. Different people might prefer certain lubricant types. Therefore, you have to experiment and find out.

Repair kit

This is also known as a survival kit. You really need to prepare for flat tires in future. This will always happen due to the small width of bicycle tires, especially the road bikes. What do you need? You will have to keep a stock of spare tube, tire patch, tire lever and a bike pump (that can be mounted on your tube). These equipments are least required. In fact, you should have more.

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You should also have a small bag. This bag can be placed beneath the bike seat. The bag is very useful for putting your tools and accessories.

As for the inner tubes, it is advised that you get at least two of them. You should never rely solely upon tire patches. Often times, a tire patch is not sufficient to repair a heavily-damaged bike tube.

If you have to use tire patches, then you must know that once the tube of glue is opened, the glue will dry out. Therefore, you have to always check it yourself.

You have to bring another important tool, the tire lever. This tool is used to separate your tires from the rim. Otherwise, repairing your damaged tube with patches or tube-replacement is impossible.

Consider also a first aid kit. You will never know what will happen on the road. It can be handy to save someone else too.