Your Greatest Outdoor Survival Tool – Mental Toughness

Your Greatest Outdoor Survival Tool – Mental Toughness

Any outdoor enthusiast should carry a first aid and survival kit.

Mental toughness is probably the most important survival mechanism of all.

Whether you like to hike, boat, cycle or explore nature away from the crowds is important to keep safety in mind. Perhaps the most important tool for survival is not carried with you as here at all, but it Is your mental attitude in preparation having thought through emergencies before hand and being prepared.

Here are some tips and ideas that may help you enjoy the outdoors even more in comfort and safety no matter what happens.

1. Do what it takes. The conventions of etiquette, propriety and high cuisine may have to take a backseat when survival is at stake. It may be necessary to share body heat with a buddy. Stabilizing knee wound or broken bone must be done, regardless of any squeamishness or immediate discomfort. There are many animals, insects, and vegetation that can sustain life in a pinch in the wild

2. Maintain a positive attitude. There is an interesting concept study in psychology called self-efficacy that basically states that if a person believes they can do something their chances are significantly higher it will be accomplished. Henry Ford once said “If a man believes he can do something or cannot do something he is right.”

3. Survival knowledge. You do not necessarily need an advanced degree in survival. But it is certainly prudent and cautious to have read and studied on the environments in which you like to enjoy yourself. Knowledge of your sport or hobby is not only critical for safety but also for enjoyment.

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4. Motivation. If you find yourself a in a tight spot, it really helps to maintain a positive attitude if you have strong motivators. What motivates you is certainly different from what motivates someone else. It is important to maintain a clear vision and power through any difficulties to get back to what you love and the life you want to live

5. Take action. I used to have a teacher who stated “A thought is just a thought, any motion is just an emotion, but nothing actually happens until you take action.” This is not to say hasty or rash action is necessary, but in order to change one’s circumstances no matter what they may be some change has to occur.

In looking over this list, it does not seem like rocket science but ask yourself, have you actually mentally prepared for any contingencies that may come up while you’re enjoying your sport or hobby. Preparation is the key to success.