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5 Top Tips to Stay Warm Whilst Cycling

5 Top Tips to Stay Warm Whilst Cycling

If you’ve been thinking how you can keep yourself warm whilst cycling this winter you are not the only one! No doubt you’ll be freezing your proverbials off as it gets colder. With all our “learnings” we have put together 5 top tips for staying warm whilst on your bike.

Tip 1 – Keep your ears, feet and hands warm

Cold ears, feet and hands are one of the quickest ways to ruin a nice winter ride. A simple headband will keep your ears toasty and fit under your helmet comfortably.

A good pair of thick socks will keep your feet warmer. However, if you wear cycling shoes you will notice the effect of a pair of overshoes immediately.

Gloves are a bit tricky. A good fit is essential and I don’t want so much insulation that my grip on the levers is compromised.

Tip 2 – Stay dry

Getting really wet is the final nail in the coffin for me when it comes to cold weather cycling. A drenched bum or a soaked through jacket can take away a lot of a ride’s fun.

A simple rear mud guard can make a big difference. There are plenty on the market and, with a bit of creativity you can even create your own with an old water bottle!

A great waterproof jacket is essential.

Tip 3 – Keep your core warm

Keep the core of your body warm by putting on an extra layer. This can be another t-shirt or ordinary vest but will ideally be a cycling specific vest.

For me (rather peculiarly!) wearing a cycling vest makes me feel like a pro cyclist. I think it is something to do with seeing professionals slog up Tour de France mountains with their jersey open and their vest showing.

Anyway, they are perfect for summer or winter so I would recommend you have one regardless of whether it makes you feel professional.

Tip 4 – Stop for regular warm drinks

The age-old answer to cold cycling conditions is to stop more frequently and have more hot drinks (and cake!). Coffee and cycling are natural bed fellows, and cold winter rides can be made far more enjoyable/bearable with the addition of an extra stop or two.

Tip 5 – Pedal faster and harder

You might not like me for this final suggestion! A sure fire way to heat yourself up is to pedal harder and faster.

Although, with a moment of weakness, I recently considered that going faster would in fact be colder, pedalling harder will really warm you up.

In fact, unless you decide to get on your bike in full skiing kit, you probably need to pedal hard in addition to wearing proper kit in order to stay warm when the temperature plunges!…

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Examples on Where to Find Bicycle Frames

Examples on Where to Find Bicycle Frames

Whether you are looking to upgrade an old bicycle or custom build a new one of your own, it can be important to know where to find bicycle frames. There are many different ways for you to find a frame and make it yours. Here are a couple ideas to get you brainstorming on where and how to find good frames.

Naturally, if you don’t mind spending money, you can purchase the frames online. There are a variety of different sites where you can find quality frames to use on a bicycle you would enjoy. However, these can sometimes be expensive depending on where you look. If you choose to search on sites specifically devoted to custom work or bicycles, you are likely going to pay a more steep price on the frame itself.

Consider checking out an auction site. Many people auction off their old bicycles here or even their old frames when they do not feel like using them anymore. Many times you will be able to find a bargain this way. It can be a great way to get a really good frame for a reasonable price. The key is to keep your attention set on a good auction when you find it.

Consider looking at sporting good stores or bike shops in your area. You will most likely find a large variety of frames here. The main consideration here is your price and what your budget can afford. If you can afford a good frame, then you should by all means purchase it. However, keep in mind that there may be sales. This can be one way of getting a decent frame for a much smaller price than what you might usually have to pay.

You can also consider checking out a few second hand shops or consignment stores. These places sometimes receive bicycles and will give you a decent price on one. This option can be good if you are just looking for a general frame and you want to really do some work on it yourself. However, it is not the best option for getting a quality frame, so keep this in mind.

Some individuals even choose to go to the junk yard to look for a frame. This is because there are often items that are in good condition that are just thrown away because individuals do not want them anymore. But, this is not a suggestion that you should go to a junk yard. You should keep in mind that not all junk yards are even open to the public, and it can put you into a dangerous situation if you do not know what you are doing.

If you have friends that are avid in biking, consider asking them about where to get frames. They may be able to give you some recommendations. They may also know some stores in the town that you did not previously consider. If they are interested in custom work, you may also have found someone to work on your bike with after you have found a frame.

As you can see, there are many ways to find bicycle frames. These options should encourage you on your search. If you continue to look, you should have some luck. Hopefully you might even find a great frame for a discounted price.…

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Gear Up For Ice Biking

Gear Up For Ice Biking

Cycling is an incredibly popular sport. However, when the weather drops below the comfortable cool, the “cycling season” starts to cease. For some people, winter is not a good time to carry their bikes around town. But for a few enlightened ones, winter is the best time to go cycling. They call it winter cycling, or better yet, ICE BIKING.

Winter cycling is worthy to be included in the extreme sports category. It exposes the cyclist to different obstacles; the glacial temperature, blasts of freezing air, risky trail covered often with ice, and even the cruel heat of the sun on some days.

This sport or hobby is not as dangerous as it sounds. Cyclists still need to be cautious when riding up and the down the icy slopes. Plain accidents might happen like crashing down in the pile of white snow but nothing more than that. It usually causes minor injuries like a simple sprain or bruise. Road rash is quite unpopular with ice biking.

For those who have heard of ice biking for the first time, the most crucial part is knowing what to wear. Every ice biker’s dilemma is their outfit for the ride. You cannot look like an average biker since winter cycling is not an average sport.

Winter tights are best for this sport. Your ratty jeans can’t leave you comfortable for the ride since once it’ll get soaked, you’ll be in deep chilly trouble. Special waterproof jackets made from breathable fabrics are also needed to keep you warm. It is very important to stay dry. Staying dry means keeping yourself warm.

During your cycling adventure, when the weather’s too cold to handle, the first thing that gives in is your hands. Therefore, gloves are compulsory for ice bikers. A pair that is fitted perfectly to your hands is preferred so that raindrops or melted snow can’t touch the skin surface.

Another problematic area in winter biking is the shoes. Only few brands sell cycling shoes warm enough for the winter season. Plus, these shoes are very pricey. You should choose shoes that can allow you to use thick socks and those that can promote a better blood circulation. Moreover, it is essential to keep your lower extremities dry. Padding might help warm them up. Always think that your feet are the most vital part in cycling, particularly in ice biking.

When winter comes, be ready to grab your bikes and go for a ride.…

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Cool Biking Sunglasses That Also Protect Your Eyes

Cool Biking Sunglasses That Also Protect Your Eyes

If you’re just an avid biker you’ll need a good pair of biking sunglasses. You know that you have to protect your eyes from the sun when you ride and have good visibility for safety. Trying to bike without them could be dangerous, because you may not see obstacles in the road ahead of you, due to the varying light and shadow, and the glare. Because of that, you need a good pair of biking sunglasses. What characteristics should you look for when you buy a good pair of biking sunglasses, though?

It’s not all about looks. Some biking sunglasses may look “cool,” but you have to be careful, because that’s not the first thing you want to look for. Instead, focus on these characteristics:

Comfort is Essential

Make sure you don’t ignore even the slightest discomfort when you try sunglasses on. What’s a minor discomfort for a few minutes’ testing when you’re trying them out is going to become excruciating indeed when you have to wear them for several hours. Ideally, when you put the glasses on, you shouldn’t even be able to tell you’re wearing them because they fit so well. They shouldn’t pinch your nose or squeeze your temples too tightly either.

A Good Fit

The best sunglasses not only fit your face comfortably; they’ll also fit your head properly. Sunglasses of this type are definitely not “one size fits all,” or even “one brand fits all,” so try on several before you choose. You need the glasses to stay “in position” on your face well and not be too tight or too loose.

All-Encompassing Eye Protection that Surrounds the Eye

Although you may think you don’t need wind protection in addition to sun protection, think again. If you’re going to be on your bike several hours at a time or even longer, it’s likely that windy weather is going to come up now and again. And indeed, even if you don’t have windy weather, you’re going to have wind blowing past your eyes at significant speeds while you’re biking. This can lead to dryness at the very least, and you can also get debris in your eye. All-encompassing eye protection that completely surrounds your eyes will protect you from both sun and wind, so that your eyes stay comfortable and healthy, in addition to having the glasses provide you better vision.

Good Lenses

Regardless of the sunglasses you get, you will want the lenses to have two characteristics. You’ll definitely want your sunglasses to have UV protection, and you’ll want them to be polarized. Polarized lenses cut down on glare so that you can see better. UV protection protects the health of your eyes from the sun’s damage due to exposure.

Remember, the most important things to look for are that the sunglasses fit properly as described above, and that they provide superior eye protection and better visibility, with the ability to cut down on glare. They should also provide UV protection, for the health of your eyes.…

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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Quickly and Naturally

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Quickly and Naturally

Although hemorrhoids in most cases are not life threatening, it is still important for one to get rid of hemorrhoids to relieve the pain and misery it gives. Fortunately, there are safe, easy natural remedies to remove them, and are available even in your kitchen!

One such cure is to use witch hazel. Chill it in the refrigerator and apply it on a cotton wool before dabbing on the hemorrhoid. It works well with external hemorrhoids, and apply it 3 times a day. Another method is to use ice packs to reduce swelling. Alternatively, apply aloe vera. Known for its medicinal properties, it can be applied directly onto the hemorrhoid to relieve itching.

Make it a point to change your diet. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables to increase fiber intake which can promote smoother bowel movements. A softer stool is gentler on the hemorrhoids when it is passing out. But avoid laxatives as the watery stools which come out might infect the hemorrhoid. Remember to drink lots of water as well to complement the fiber intake. Citrus foods like oranges are especially high in bioflavonoids which can help build stronger blood vessels and this will prevent any more occurrence or even eliminate any present hemorrhoids. This is helpful, since hemorrhoids are caused by swollen blood vessels. Try not to eat too much cheese as the lactic acid will worsen the condition. Other things to avoid would be alcohol and caffeine.

In addition to your diet, implement exercises into your schedule so that it can prevent more hemorrhoids. However, exercises like weight lifting might strain the hemorrhoids due to over exertion and can cause bleeding. Cycling might also cause pain, especially if the seat paddle is ill fitting, so be careful when doing such exercises.

For external cures, you can purchase sitz bath and fill it with warm water to sooth the itch. Over the counter hemorrhoid creams are also good to relieve swelling or to remove them totally. There are also special cushions to accommodate hemorrhoids and makes sitting more comfortable.

Some physician might recommend surgical methods or injections to remove hemorrhoids, but they might be too expensive and can carry certain risks. However, there are cases whereby it is inevitable for surgery, so do talk to your doctor about it before making a decision. If it is a minor condition, then the methods above are certainly effective ways to reduce the swelling, as well as to get rid of them naturally.…

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Morzine: Cycling, the Summer Sport

Morzine: Cycling, the Summer Sport

If you’ve ever followed the Tour de France, you may think of Morzine, cycling and epic endeavours, all in the one scenario. While, unfortunately, not all of us are quite up to Tour de France standards, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cycle those famous routes or tackle some of those legendary climbs.

As one of the top summer sports in Morzine, cycling can be demanding though, if you really want to push yourself. For example, you may wish to consider:

• The Col de Joux plane – from Morzine you can tackle the nearly 11km climb at almost 7%.

• Col de la Colombiere – a mere 16 kilometres with a 10% section towards the end of the route, just in case you were getting too confident.

• Col de l’Encrenaz – this is a very small and narrow road and not massively long but if you like steep climbs this one will be for you!

Of course, trying to emulate your own particular Tour de France heroes or legends is fine if you’re a certain type of biker, but let’s face it not all of us are necessarily up to day after day of lengthy 8% climbs. So if you prefer rather more gentle road touring then that’s no problem.

The valleys around Morzine offer some spectacularly beautiful rides that are (more or less) flat and well within the capabilities of touring riders.

For example, your version of Morzine cycling might entail a quick trip down to Geneva and a tour around areas of the lake. You’ll see breathtaking scenery, interesting towns and the riding won’t be too demanding – if you choose the right routes – and you’ll typically find plenty of cyclists to give you help and advice. This is rather more sedate than tackling the Col de Joux plane, but it is a great way to see the local countryside and the Alpine cultures as you drift between France and Switzerland.

Whatever form of cycling you’re into, it’s fairly safe to predict that at the end of the day you’ll be tired and hungry and looking for some home comfort and good food. Roughing it a bit on the road is one thing, doing so with your overnight accommodation is something else! Fortunately, you won’t have to do so because Morzine and the surrounding area offer some great accommodation of all types and to suit all budgets. Given that you’ll have been burning huge amounts of calories as you cycle around, you’ll also be pleased to know that Alpine food is traditionally excellent and serving are generous! Hungry you won’t be!

You can get to your Morzine cycling holiday easily. Road connections are good and there are also options for renting equipment once you’re there. So, grit your teeth and get out on those Alpine roads!…

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What Nike and Lance Armstrong Had in Common

What Nike and Lance Armstrong Had in Common

Being the best means you have to be on top. You have to be undisputed and unchallenged. Even more words describe the best of the best. For these two characters, being the best is not something; cycling superstar Neil Armstrong and the biggest, most successful sporting gear company, Nike.

After winning the prestigious Tour De France seven consecutive times, Neil Armstrong became a cycling legend that will go down in the history books. He broke several cycling records in history. On the other side, Nike has been the leader in sports equipment innovation, providing athletes and non athletes alike, with quality sporting gear since 1964.

To be the best, you need to be paired with the best. This was solidified and embodied not only with the flow of Armstrong’s career through Nike, but with his life story too. He was a testicular cancer survivor, and to survive that ride, he also had the best; the best doctors, treatments, and support system.

It’s like the same exact thing that happened to his career. Nike has been accompanying Armstrong throughout his seven tour de France championships and other biking achievements he acquired.

Nike and Lance Armstrong have been working together testing a line of cycling apparel and gear to make cyclists excel. All the hard work paid off sweetly, leading them to 6 tour de France trophies. Infusing comfort with performance, Nike has been successful producing cycling products that make the loyal customers perform like pros.

Now we do a run through of what the Nike – Armstrong team has to offer to aspiring cyclists and hobby cyclists as well. For shoes, the Nike Lance, which was especially designed for Lance Armstrong (and you, of course.), is the lightest buckle road shoes in the market today. It has a special kind of leather that reduces stretching and water absorption while maintaining durability.

For apparel, the Nike Swift Spin Time Trial, tried and tested by Armstrong himself. It has a good fit with seams all aligned to the airflow for good ventilation. It also has zoned aerodynamics to reduce unwanted air impacts for the smooth flowing ride.

For equipment, only the state of the art cycling watch, the Lance 4, made in cooperation with Armstrong. This watch is lightweight for comfort, and has a titanium case for durability. It also has a built in barometer, altimeter and digital weather compass.

The best thing about the Lance 4 is the 100 hour chronograph which is enough for a month’s worth of racing. Lastly, is the V. Carbon Max, again, extra durable and lightweight, with a good ventilation system to avoid fogging, and interchangeable lenses for dynamic use through any weather.

The cycling world has been enthralled by the efficient tag team of Lance Armstrong and Nike. With the help of Nike’s cycling line you will all set to capture your own cycling track.…